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Garmin Enduro Smartwatch Launched

By Yeti - 
19th Feb 2021
Garmin Enduro Smartwatch Launched

Garmin has launched its Enduro smartwatch which comes with a solar charging lens. The lens enables users to extend the smartphone’s battery life by up to 65 days.

The Garmin Enduro is specially designed for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who indulge in activities such as long races, cycling and trekking.

Garmin Enduro Smartwatch Launched

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Garmin Enduro Specifications

The new smartwatch comes with a 1.4-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 280 x 280. The display is easily viewable even under direct sunlight with the ability to charge using solar power.

With a weight of just 72g for the steel variant and 58g for the titanium model, it is quite lightweight considering the fact that it lasts up to 65 days. Garmin Enduro comes with several power modes with the smartwatch mode offering a battery life of up to 65 days.

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Garmin Enduro also includes a battery saving mode, that extends the device’s battery for almost one year with solar charging. Like every other smartwatch, it comes with all the standard features such as advanced sleep tracking, blood oxygen level monitoring, heart rate monitoring amongst several others. The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

It also several recovery and training modes that suggest the amount of time you need to rest before the next workout. This is calculated based on the sleep data and several other factors.

It also includes the company’s Body Battery feature that calculates your body energy levels.

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Garmin Enduro Price

If you want to buy the steel model, the smartwatch will cost you a whopping $799.99. In case you want the lighter titanium version, it comes with a price tag of $899.99


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