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iOS 16.2 Beta Resolves Major Issues On iPhone 14 Pro

- Updated: 16th Nov 2022, 15:31 IST
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    Apple iPhone 14 Pro Reviews And Display Settings
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iOS 16.2 brings a new fresh and significant change to the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. This new feature is the always-on display. After complaints from some users, iOS 16.2 beta 3 has introduced a new option. This new option lets users disable wallpaper and notifications from appearing on the iPhone’s always-on display.

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Reviews And Display Settings

Earlier when the first Apple iPhone 14 Pro reviews were published in September, some reviewers claimed it to be critical of how Apple had implemented the Always-On display, calling it “too on.” 

Now Apple’s implementation of the tech is far more different than that of Android manufacturers. As many of them only show black wallpaper and the time.

By default, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On display highlights a dimmed version of your wallpaper. Along with notifications at the bottom. The users can tap on the display or swipe up from the bottom to wake it up. Now, iOS 16.2 beta 3 introduces a new setting to address these complaints.

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The New Option

Always On Option
Always On Option

The users will get this new option in the Settings app. Further in the “Display and Brightness” menu. When you are in this menu, tap on the “Always On Display” option. Then you’ll see three options.

By default, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s new option dims the Lock Screen when the device is locked or left idle. While still highlighting helpful information like the time, widgets, and notifications.

In iOS 16.2 beta 3, the company has introduced two new toggles. One is for disabling the “show wallpaper” feature. Another comes for disabling the “show notifications feature”.

If the users toggle off the wallpaper and notifications features, then your Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On display will show a pure black design. Alongside the Lock Screen widgets and the time.

This comes similar to that of Android smartphones. It should help address the complaints of some Apple iPhone 14 users.

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This is even there in iOS 16. It is necessary to run iPhone in “Do Not Disturb” to dim the always-on display and mostly stop the wallpaper from appearing.