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iPhone 15 Pro Max Delivery Delay In India: Check Details!

- Updated: 17th Sep 2023, 12:18 IST
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    iPhone 15 Pro Max Shipment Delayed Until November In India
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    iPhone 15 Series Facing Shipment Delays In Other Countries Too
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    iPhone 15 Series Pricing And Availablity

Apple has started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 15 series globally from September 15, including countries like India. The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is in high demand, with the phone going out of stock in some countries. Consumers seem to favour the iPhone 15 Pro Max despite its higher pricing than last year. However, the delivery of the iPhone 15 Pro Max might face a delay of a few weeks, possibly extending until November.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Shipment Delayed Until November In India

iPhone 15 Pro facing delivery delay in India

The iPhone 15 Pro Max delivery date in India has seen a delay to early November for Natural Titanium and White Titanium. On the other hand, the Blue Titanium and Black Titanium models have an expected shipping date of mid-October

This shortage also affects the Apple iPhone 15 Pro for the Natural Titanium and White Titanium, with delivery dates of mid-October. Interestingly, the Titanium Black and Titanium Blue options will ship next week, but only for the higher storage variants.

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These iPhones will also be available via Apple Stores and offline retailers, so you might find these variants there. You can also purchase them through Apple-authorised premium resellers to grab the iPhone early.

iPhone 15 Series Facing Shipment Delays In Other Countries Too

The shortage is not exclusive to India, as consumers in the UK, Canada and China face similar delays. There is a delay of 8 weeks in India, 6-7 weeks in China and Canada and 7-8 weeks in the UK. In addition, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus also witness up to 2 weeks delay in some countries.

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The iPhone 15 Pro models are imported from China as Apple decided to manufacture them in the country exclusively. Reports suggest that this could result in a further delay as Apple has no other alternative to increase production. The new titanium chassis and the A17 Pro could be why the company faces difficulty ramping up production.

iPhone 15 Series Pricing And Availablity

Comparatively, the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are unlikely to face stock shortages as they are made in India and Vietnam, apart from China. The Apple iPhone 15 and Apple iPhone 15 Plus will be available for Rs.79,900 and Rs.89,900, respectively.

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Similarly, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max start at Rs.1,34,900 and Rs.1,59,900, respectively. The phones will be available for sale starting September 22. Despite the higher pricing than last year’s model, the Pro Max could face a shortage due to its 5x optical zoom lens and the larger display.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The iPhone 15 Pro Max delivery has been delayed by a few weeks in India.
  • The phone’s Natural Titanium and White Titanium colours will start shipping in early November.
  • This delayed delivery is not exclusive to India, with the UK, China and Canada witnessing similar delays.