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New Realms in the Metaverse: Read To Know More

- Updated: 9th Feb 2022, 11:07 IST
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    • Computerised Reasoning
    • Extending Your World
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    What are the Metaverse’s seven levels of existence?
  • 3
    What will the Metaverse do to businesses?
    • Customer service and satisfaction
    • Fields of marketing and sales
    • Advertising
    • Large-scale conferences and events
    • Architecting and engineering
    • Assumption-planning
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    Gaming industry to take the lead
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    Who will win the race for viewer’s attention? 

Despite the growing interest in the Metaverse, many people are still in a dilemma. The Metaverse has been compared to a video game by some, while others have compared it to a virtual reality interaction environment. As the metaverse business grows, we’ll take a closer look at it in this piece.

The Metaverse is still a work in progress for today’s pioneers. It’s pretty uncommon for individuals to describe the “metaverse” as a new online experience that incorporates various technologies. However, the promise of the Metaverse is currently on universality and decentralisation. It gives us a glimpse into a future with greater freedom and control over our digital lives. The three most prevalent technologies related to the Metaverse outside of the internet are:

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Smart contracts, decentralised banking, and the use of non-fungible tokens to invest in and support artists are just a few instances of how blockchain is already making waves in the Metaverse. Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 are being pushed aside by the rise of blockchain technology, allowing people greater control over their online experience.

Computerised Reasoning


Machine intelligence is necessary to improve the relationship between the digital and physical worlds. For example, it can enhance the way computers and robots comprehend natural language. It also allows robots to learn our physical environment better.

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Extending Your World

XR, or extended reality, is one of the most often discussed metaverse technologies. In addition, headsets and other technologies bring the digital and physical worlds together. By using the capabilities of extended reality, we can explore virtual worlds and communicate with 3D avatars.

What are the Metaverse’s seven levels of existence?

One of the seven tiers of the Metaverse by entrepreneur, novelist, and game designer Jon Radoff. These are the layers:

  1. Observation (games, social, esports, shopping, etc.)
  2. Making a discovery (stores, agents, ratings, social, etc.)
  3. Authoritarian Economic System (design tools, asset markets, commerce, etc.)
  4. 3D engines, VR/AR/XR, and spatial computing
  5. The decentralisation of power (blockchain, edge computing, AI agents)
  6. Human-Computer Interaction (smart glasses, wearables, gestures, voice, etc.)
  7. Buildings, roads, and bridges (5G, WiFi, cloud, etc.)

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What will the Metaverse do to businesses?

The Metaverse is projected to have a significant impact on the following business functions:

Customer service and satisfaction

The first benefit is that customer support representatives will function at a level they have never been able to previously. This would also build trust between the firm and its clients. Customers would feel as though they were talking to a customer support representative in person.

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Fields of marketing and sales

Corporate sales and marketing professionals can harness Metaverse’s potential. This might re-create real-life conversation and imagery with this technology.


It will be possible for retailers to utilise the Metaverse to promote and sell their items. However, several fashion companies are now experimenting with this kind of promotion.

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Large-scale conferences and events

The Metaverse will be critical to making significant events like press conferences, and trade exhibits virtual and immersive for corporations. To put it another way, tens of thousands to millions of people will soon be able to see and engage with each other in the virtual world.

Architecting and engineering

Also, companies might employ the Metaverse to create digital twins to aid in developing new products and processes. It’s also possible to use realistic digital simulations of manufacturing processes to identify bottlenecks that might influence product quality or delivery.

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Using the Metaverse for scenario planning and issue management may be an option for businesses. Because there are no physical limits in the virtual world, this is why.

Gaming industry to take the lead

“Gaming is now the most dynamic and exciting category of entertainment across all platforms,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. In the creation of metaverse platforms, it will be essential.

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The Metaverse is mainly aiming at game creators. The reason why people keep coming back to these simulations is that they are so realistic. Leaders such as Epic Games, Unity, Roblox, and the upcoming Microsoft-Activision Blizzard cooperation. They all include tools to help game developers create engaging content for gamers. The metaverse-building task is in various ways by each of these individuals.

Who will win the race for viewer’s attention? 

Most of it is influenced by what the consumers want. If people are looking for characters and settings as lifelike as possible, an organisation can help them out. On the other hand, if individuals liked innovative cartoon visuals, it would benefit someone else. So Facebook has a leg up on the competition as far as virtual reality goes.


Highlights of the Story

  • Microsoft has recently seen its stock price move in the right direction, following a stumbling start to the year 2022.
  • A strong earnings report on January 25 was all that was needed to spark an extraordinary surge in the shares of Microsoft Corporation.
  • One of the elements contributing to the company’s upbeat outlook has been the company’s very public embracing of the virtual world.