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No iPhone Models Will Have USB Type-C Port Till 2024: Check Out

- Updated: 11th Dec 2022, 18:19 IST
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    India plans to use USB Type-C port for all new devices

If you believe the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 series will finally include USB Type-C, you may have to wait a little longer than planned. The European Union (EU) has now made it official that all new phones, including iPhones, will have to include a USB Type-C port by December 28, 2024. According to the new regulation, corporations can continue to sell previously published items until December 28, 2024, but they cannot release any new products beyond that date.

According to many sources, Apple’s iPhone 15 series will be the first to switch from Lightning to USB Type-C. In an October interview, Apple’s marketing head Greg Joswaik stated that if the EU approves a rule mandating USB Type-C. He further added that Apple would have no option. “We have no choice but to comply,” Joswaik added.

However, given that the EU has mandated 2024 as the implementation year. Apple can defer the inevitable transition from Lightning to USB Type-C to its 2024 flagship launch, which might be the iPhone 17 series.

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India plans to use USB Type-C port for all new devices

The Indian government is looking at establishing a single charging standard for all smart gadgets in the country. It was claimed last month at an inter-ministerial task force conference that the parties concerned. They have agreed to transition the charging connector for all smart gadgets to a USB Type-C connection. Still, formal announcement will made in this respect.

iPhone USB Type-C Port

As of December 28, 2024, every electronic device marketed in the European Union (EU) must feature a USB Type-C connector. Phones, tablets, cameras, headphones, headsets, handheld gaming consoles, portable speakers, e-readers, keyboards, mouse, and portable navigation devices all fall into this category.

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