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    Nvidia Will Relaunch RTX 2060 With 12GB Memory To Counter GPU Shortage

    By Ritik | 
    Updated: 3rd Dec 2021 14:04 IST
    RTX 2060

    Highlights of the Story

    • Nvidia has announced that it will relaunch RTX 2060.
    • The revised graphics card will feature 12GB VRAM.
    • The launch date is yet to be announced.

    Nvidia has stated that the RTX 2060, which was released in 2019, will be relaunched with 12GB of VRAM as part of a move to decrease GPU prices during the global chip shortage. The original Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics card came with 6GB of memory and was introduced in 2019. The company has revealed that the revised Nvidia GPU will be available shortly, with double the memory of the original model, however, pricing has yet to be announced.

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    In the release notes for the company’s Game Ready Driver 497.00, which was released on December 2, the company unveiled the revamped Nvidia RTX 2060. Nvidia has now revealed the specifications on its website, showing that the new GeForce RTX 2060 will have a faster base clock speed and 2,176 CUDA cores, rather than the 1,920 cores present in the previous model.

    Nvidia RTX 2060 Back In Works

    RTX 2060

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    According to Nvidia, power usage has increased to 185W, up from 160W on the previous model. The GPU will also have 12GB of VRAM; which is twice as much as the RTX 2060 from two years ago. The new RTX 2060 GPU’s specifications suggest it could be marketed as an entry-level graphics card for gamers in a sector where GPUs are in high demand. The company has not stated when the GPU will be available; but according to The Verge, it will be released on December 7.

    Nvidia announced earlier this year that the GTX 1050 Ti and the RTX 2060 would be relaunched; in order to help alleviate the issues caused by the global semiconductor shortfall that has affected the computing industry. Scalpers (who buy GPUs in bulk and resell them at a profit) and cryptocurrency mining have kept the cost of GPUs like the Nvidia RTX 3060 high; while supplies are limited throughout the last year. The company is re-releasing older, lower-powered GPUs to ensure that graphics cards are available in the market; especially for individuals who need them right away and don’t want to wait for restocking.

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