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    This New Zoom Feature Can Track Your Attendance: Here’s How

    By Ritik | 
    Updated: 3rd Dec 2021 14:54 IST
    Zoom Attendance Feature

    Highlights of the Story

    • The new feature is named ‘Attendance Status’.
    • The feature will only work for meetings of up to 200 people.
    • The New feature will track the status of their participants as they enter a meeting.

    Zoom has launched a new feature that allows meeting hosts to keep track of their participants’ attendance statuses. The new feature, named ‘Attendance Status,’ will allow hosts to track the status of their participants as they enter a meeting. The feature, however, will only work for attendees who have authorized their schedules to be synchronised with the Zoom app using Google or Outlook calendar services.

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    Zoom Attendance Feature

    Attendees must grant Zoom access to their Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook Calendar services on their phones or PCs for the feature to work. This will connect the two with Zoom and track when a meeting host invites a participant to join in.

    Zoom Attendance Feature

    The host of a meeting can track whether or not the invited member has joined the meeting once the integration has been activated on the participants’ end. In the latest version of Zoom (currently only in beta), a ‘not joined’ section will come; where invited players who did not show up will be shown. The host will also be able to monitor the status of the participants’ calendar invite responses; which range from accepted to declined to maybe to ‘not responded.’

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    Meeting hosts can use this option to remind users to join a meeting by clicking ‘ask to join’. This feature will either contact the target individual to remind them to join the meeting or send a text message through Zoom’s own chat feature; both of which will serve the same function.

    Surprisingly, the company has emphasised that the feature will only work for meetings of up to 200 people. It also won’t apply to meetings that are scheduled at regular intervals. When the app’s version is updated, the feature will not automatically apply to current meetings; instead, it will apply to new meetings that are scheduled following the update.

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