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Ookla Speedtest Introduces Video Streaming Quality Test

- Updated: 11th Feb 2021, 05:02 IST

Ever wondered what your Internet Speed is? You might have heard or visited the Ookla Speedtest website or used the app.

The company made an announcement introducing a new feature that allows user to test their video streaming quality.

Ookla Speedtest lets users test the speed of their internet connection. Existing functionalities focus on measuring metrics such as maximum, minimum, and average download and upload speed.

The new functionality helps users test the video streaming capabilities of their internet provider. It works by trying to stream a video at different resolutions and then measuring the buffering and loading time.

Ookla Speedtest introduces video test

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According to Ookla, internet providers generally treat video traffic differently from normal internet traffic. This explains why streaming performance often differs from normal network performance.

Therefore, the best way to judge how good a network streams video is to test by streaming videos at various resolutions.

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However, the feature works only in the iOS version of Ookla SpeedTest as of now. having said that, the company has made it clear that it will eventually come to other mobile platforms.

The update also brings some minor changes to the user interface. Just update your Speedtest app from Apple Store and you will be able to use the new feature right away.