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Oppo Beats Huawei To Become Top Chinese Phone maker

By Yeti - 
9th Mar 2021
Oppo F19

Oppo now holds the highest shares in the Chinese smartphone market. In January 2021, the company has 21% of the market share in China. Recently, it became the second most 5G device manufacturing company in China.

It was successful in beating the biggest smartphone brands like Vivo, Huawei, Apple, and Xiaomi. It is the first time that Oppo is able to reach such height in the smartphone market in China.

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Latest achievements of Oppo

Recently, Oppo came up with over-the-air wireless charging Technology. In a short video clip, Oppo was showcasing the new wireless charging technology. According to the video, a user can easily charge that smartphone without even touching the surface or connecting a charger.

Also, there was a charging mat in the video that keeps charging the phone even when the device is lifted a couple of inches above the surface. Xiaomi was the first to introduce this technology. However, their Technology can only charge the phone over a distance of a couple of meters.

The smartphone market in China

In January 2021, Oppo was holding 21% of the market share in China smartphone market. Vivo became the second company by holding a 20% share of the market. However, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Apple had 16% of the market share in China’s smartphone market.

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Not only this but the main reason for Oppo’s achievement is the contraction of sales of the products by Huawei. Also, the second reason is the launch of the Oppo Reno 5 series and A series in the country by Oppo.

The Reno 5 series and the A series are very affordable products with improved features. Also, analysts aspect that Huawei will continue to decline throughout 2021. Due to the component shortages caused by US sanctions, Huawei is not gonna reach the heights.


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