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Palworld Breaks All Records, Becomes No.1 Game On Steam

- Updated: 28th Jan 2024, 16:55 IST
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    Palworld Gets 2 Million Concurrent Players On Steam

Palworld, the popular Pokemon-like game, is taking the gaming industry by storm. The game offers a unique take on Nintendo’s popular IP with survival and base-building mechanics.

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Fans have already dubbed it as the Pokemon with games, and it has become the No.1 game on Steam. Here is everything you need to know about this new Pokemon-inspired game.

Palworld Gets 2 Million Concurrent Players On Steam

Palworld becomes No.1 Game on Steam In Best Seller and Top Charts

Palworld has become the most popular game on Steam and is the No.1 best seller on the platform. Furthermore, the game currently has 1,720,037 players and has crossed a peak concurrent players record of 2 million.

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This makes it the second game in history to reach 2 million concurrent players, with a peak of 2,101,535 players. Palworld is currently ahead of games like Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and Apex Legends.

Palworld Crosses 2 Million Concurrent Players On Steam

Furthermore, the peak count is even 2,00,000 ahead of Counter-Strike 2; however, it is short of the 3,257,248 count of PUBG. The Krafton-owned title achieved this record back in January 2018 during the initial wave of battle royale titles.

Palworld also sold 8 million copies on Steam in just six days, highlighting the hype and craze surrounding the game. The main reason behind the game’s success is we are getting a Pokemon-inspired shooter for the first time.

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Moreover, the game has a unique twist to the monster collection, where players can capture different creatures for tasks like farm building and expanding settlements. In addition, the game has no microtransactions or battle passes, making it fun and refreshing compared to other online games.

Palworld has a monstrous Pikachu Pal holding a Machine Gun

It is also a dark take on Pokemon, as you can engage in violence by enslaving other Pals, asking them to fight for you, capturing them or killing them. There is also a Pal called Sparkit, which looks like a monstrous Pikachu holding a machine gun.

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Despite the controversy surrounding Palworld, it has become a huge hit among players, leading to server overload in the initial days. The game is available on Steam, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Store.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Palworld has broken all records on Steam, becoming the No.1 seller on the platform.
  • The Pokemon-inspired game has crossed over 2 million concurrent players and is the 2nd most played game on the platform.
  • It sold over 8 million copies on Steam in the first six days, leading to server overload in the initial days.

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