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    Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1 Logo Leaked Ahead of Launch


    Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1 might be the new moniker for the new Qualcomm chip launching in just a few days.

    By Susshmita Choubey | 
    Updated: 28th Nov 2021 16:01 IST
    Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1

    Highlights of the Story

    • Early rumours suggested that the upcoming chipset will sport the name Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.
    • Qualcomm is expected to unveil its new flagship chip on November 30.
    • Now, tipster Kuba (@Za_Raczke) has spotted the logo for the new chipset.

    Qualcomm is holding its Snapdragon Summit 2021 in just a few days on November 30, 2021. During this event, the company will be launching its next-generation smartphone chipset. Although ahead of its launch rumours of it having a different moniker than its usual previous chipset have also surfaced. However, now an alleged logo for the new Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1 chip has surfaced online.

    According to GSMArena, the leak surfaced in a staging site for the company. Apparently, the testing page is titled ‘Testing icon’ and the icon sits beside a ‘Test123’ label. But, as this is a template that is meant to be filled in with real text – we can only wait for the final reveal. Currently, the company seems to have removed the content from the page and the site now shows a 404 error page.

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    Snapdragon 8x Gen 1 Leaks

    According to earlier reports, it hinted toward the moniker Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. However, now it seems that the chipset will be Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1. On the other hand, Qualcomm has not confirmed the exact name of the chipset. It also refers to its next-gen mobile chipset like the Snapdragon 8-series. Although Qualcomm already has chips named ‘8cx’ for the flagship offerings for Windows-on-ARM laptops. There is also an 8c, which sits just below the 8cx, and an entry-level 7c.

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    Reports from GSMArena suggests that the ‘G’ will stand for higher clock speeds for the GPU and the ‘x’s will denote high-end.


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