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Sony PS5 Slim Debuts In India: Check Price, Offers

- Updated: 2nd Apr 2024, 17:27 IST
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    Sony PS5 Slim Price In India
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    PS5 Slim Specifications

Sony has finally launched its PS5 Slim console in India, bringing a new slimmer design than the outgoing PS5. The PlayStation 5 Slim is available in the country in disc and digital variants. It made its debut globally last October and is finally arriving in India. Here is everything you need to know about the PS5 Slim, including its specifications and price in India.

Sony PS5 Slim Price In India

Sony PS5 Slim Price In India

The Sony PS5 Slim has made its debut in India at the price of Rs.44,990 for the digital edition. Furthermore, the PS5 Slim disc model retails for Rs.54,990.

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Both consoles will go on sale in the country from April 5, 2024, and will be available in leading retail stores. It is only available in White, although internationally, you can buy the PS5 Slim in three different colours: Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue and Sterling Silver.

PS5 Slim Specifications

As the name suggests, the Sony PS5 Slim is a slimmer and more compact version of the standard PS5. Furthermore, the body of the PS5 Slim is 30 per cent thinner and 24 per cent thinner.

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In addition, the refreshed console packs up to 1TB of storage, an upgrade from 825GB on the PS5. Moreover, it also has a second USB-C port on the front.

The rest of the Sony PS5 Slim remains the same as the standard PS5 with the same hardware and performance. Although it is available in a single colour in India, we can expect more colour variants in the future.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Sony has launched the PS5 Slim in India, boasting a slimmer design and more storage.
  • The console is 25 per cent lighter than the PS5 and consumes 30 per cent less space.
  • The PS5 Slim also packs 1TB of storage and starts at Rs.44,900 for the digital edition.