Netflix faces backlash as users consider cancelling accounts amidst new password-sharing restrictions. Moreover, Online searches for ‘Cancel Netflix account’ in the United States have skyrocketed by a staggering 706%, according to an analysis of Google search data. The surge in interest comes as Netflix takes measures to crack down on password sharing among its users.

Comparison site KingCasinoBonus recently revealed that the volume of online searches for ‘Cancel Netflix account’ has surged to over eight times the average. Since the streaming company began sending emails to users who share passwords outside their households.

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Netflix’s Password-Sharing Crackdown

Netflix Password sharing crackdown

In the emails, Netflix firmly reminds users that their account is for personal use. And is meant to be shared only within their own household. Simultaneously, searches for ‘Netflix password sharing’ have spiked by a remarkable 1,708%. As US-based account holders scramble to understand the implications of the new restrictions.

To further enforce its efforts, Netflix has started notifying users of an $8 monthly charge if they wish to share their account with individuals outside their household. The streaming giant hopes that this additional charge will motivate more users to subscribe independently.

However, these plans to restrict account and password sharing have resulted in a significant rise in interest from users considering cancelling their Netflix accounts altogether. Searches for ‘Cancel Netflix account,’ ‘Cancel Netflix,’ and ‘Delete Netflix’ have surged by 382%, 214%, and 162%, respectively, in the last seven days since Netflix announced its intention to crack down on password-sharing.

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According to Parks Associates via CNBC, an estimated 40% of U.S. households currently engage in password sharing or use shared passwords. This widespread practice has allowed multiple individuals to access Netflix’s content without subscribing independently.


Netflix Password sharing crackdown

Commenting on the findings, Ionut Catalin Marin, CEO of KingCasinoBonus, says, “Netflix’s plan to target password-sharing users is at encouraging more people to subscribe. However, users appear to have been turned off by this move. These findings show a staggering rise in Netflix users looking to cancel their accounts. As high living costs continue to hit households, this change may encourage users to switch off for good.”

The surge in interest to cancel Netflix accounts suggests that users are not happy with the new restrictions. And the added costs associated with sharing passwords. While the crackdown on password sharing aims to increase subscription numbers. It risks alienating a significant portion of its user base who have grown accustomed to sharing accounts.

As Netflix navigates this delicate balance between boosting subscribers and retaining its current user base. It remains to be seen how this crackdown will impact its bottom line. And overall user satisfaction in the long run.

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