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Is China Smartphone Sale Declining? Know Here

- Updated: 23rd May 2022, 20:44 IST
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    More on china’s Smartphone Sales Decline!

According to the China Weekly Sales Tracker published by Counterpoint Research, china smartphone sale have been on a downward trend for the last ten weeks, starting in the sixth week of 2022. This reduction compares to the same period in 2021. One of the primary factors contributing to this fall was reducing consumer sentiment. The “dynamic zero-Covid” policy was brought it on by the Chinese government.

It is now abundantly clear that a negative impact on consumer sentiment occurs whenever stringent COVID-19 quarantine procedures are implemented.

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As of the end of January, during Beijing Winter Olympics, there was a discernible downward trend in year-over-year china smartphone sale in China due to the increased quarantine measures taken by the Chinese government.

Again, sales continued to decrease as March came to a close, coinciding with the beginning of a lockdown in key cities such as Shanghai. Nevertheless, the mood of Chinese consumers improved over the break for Labor Day, so we anticipate some improvement in the economy.

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More on china’s Smartphone Sales Decline!

Smartphone Sales Decline

Even the most notable brands were unable to escape this general market downturn. The major Chinese smartphone makers, except for Honor, were unable to escape the effect, and sales of their products fell year over year. For the last 15 weeks, Huawei and OPPO have seen a more significant decline in sales than the industry average.

During this time, Xiaomi’s sales briefly surpassed those of the year before, thanks to the introduction of the Xiaomi Redmi K40s and Xiaomi Redmi K50 series, although this comeback did not last for very long. Up to the 10th week of the fiscal year, Apple’s sales volume climbed year over year; however, even iPhone sales began to dip as sales of the Apple iPhone 13 series decreased.

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Because of its robust sales of the HONOR 60 series, HONOR is outpacing most other Chinese companies. Moreover, it is all in terms of the rate at which it is increasing its market share, with an average weekly increase of 132 per cent year over year.


Highlights of the Story

  • In February, the research found that sporadic COVID-19 breakouts hampered the China smartphone sale.
  • The study showed that the industry’s sales volume plummeted 24 per cent from January.
  • The top five brands’ sales fell month-over-month. However, Oppo remained the top seller, while Honor overcame Vivo to finish second.