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WhatsApp Adds New Vaccine Sticker Pack: How To Get It

- Updated: 8th Apr 2021, 05:48 IST

Whatsapp has been collaborating with UNICEF and WHO for quite some time. Recently, WhatsApp has come up with a new sticker pack called vaccines. This is an initiative to encourage the users to get the covid-19 vaccine.

WhatsApp is joining WHO and UNICEF to provide authenticated information to the Global users. Also, the Messenger is adding Covid-19 helplines from various national, state, and local governments and organisations.

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WhatsApp vaccine sticker pack

The upcoming sticker pack consists of 23 distinct stickers that let people Express the joy, relief, and hope that they feeling about the possibilities of the covid-19 vaccine. Not only this but this sticker pack is available on both Android and iOS for a higher reach. The latest pack also allows the users to show their appreciation for health care workers.

WhatsApp has collaborated with WHO and UNICEF to design the stickers. The company aims to encourage vaccine uptake and represents hope among users across the world.

In India, last year WhatsApp partnered with MyGov and Haptik (the Reliance AI platform) to provide every information regarding the Covid-19 virus to Indian citizens. This helped develop the chatbot named MyGov Corona helpdesk. Currently, there are 30 million users of the help desk and the help desk provides details on covid-19 vaccines.

The governments in countries including India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, and South Africa have been using such chatbots to connect citizens to correct information. Not only this but 500 thousand medical workers have been registering for their vaccine appointments through the helpline service in the first 5 days of operation.

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How to get the sticker pack?

Coming onto the WhatsApp vaccine sticker pack, to download the Pack one needs to tap on the emoji icon on the text bar. Then we can go to the sticker option that is present in the centre down the strip.

There will be various sticker packs on the list and on the top will be the ‘vaccine for all’ sticker pack. Just click on the downward arrow option on the right corner of the pack. The sticker will download and then it will be automatically available on the sticker keyboard on WhatsApp.