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    WhatsApp New Multi-Device Feature is Rolling Out for Beta Testers: Here’s How it Works

    By Ritik | 
    Updated: 16th Jul 2021 09:25 IST

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      WhatsApp New Multi-Device Feature

    WhatsApp has finally begun rolling out its new much-anticipated multi-device feature, which will allow users to use the text messaging application on up to four non-phone platforms at the same time.  The new concept, which is currently in a limited public beta test, comes months after rumors of its existence surfaced.

    WhatsApp claims that it “had to rethink” its architecture and create new technologies in order to complete multi-device compatibility. While enabling the new experience, the Facebook-owned company claims to maintain its privacy and end-to-end encryption.

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    WhatsApp New Multi-Device Feature

    WhatsApp has long allowed users to use the platform from a secondary device such as a desktop or laptop. But the current update aims to deliver a separate multi-device experience. The users don’t require their smartphones to have an active internet connection and can even turn them off. This is useful in a variety of situations.

    So, even if your phone’s battery is dead, you’ll still be able to use WhatsApp on your laptop thanks to the new multi-device feature. This will also come into play if your phone’s Internet connection is inconsistent but your desktop’s network connection is stable. WhatsApp’s multi-device feature was first made available to a “limited set of users” who were previously in the company’s beta program.

    WhatsApp New Multi-Device Feature

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    WhatsApp has been working on multi-device support for some months, with some references indicating progress since July 2019. According to the company, new technologies were created to maintain end-to-end encryption, while maintaining data like message history, contact names, and starred messages in sync between devices.

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    WhatsApp has kept its end-to-end encryption for audio and video calls across multiple devices, in addition to messages. Data including message history and application status data; such as contact names and an archived or starred chat is also synced between devices, according to the company. It also offers end-to-end encryption for the data synced across devices.


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