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You Can Now Search WhatsApp messages By Date!

- Updated: 1st Dec 2022, 21:39 IST
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    Search Messages By Date

WhatsApp brings a new update through the TestFlight beta Program. It has introduced the version up to The version marked within WhatsApp Settings is While the TestFlight build is 22.24.0 (424474621).

Well, as new updates keep on coming, what’s now in the box? WhatsApp brings the ability to search for messages by date to some lucky beta testers!

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Search Messages By Date

Earlier, this new feature of the ability to search for messages by date was under development by WhatsApp. Well as the feature has come up, it will become easier for users to go to a certain date within a conversation.

However, this feature was under development two years ago and WhatsApp only returned to develop it again now.

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Today this WhatsApp beta for iOS update on the TestFlight app was introduced. So, some beta testers can finally use this feature in their chats and groups.

So how are you going to figure out if this search feature is enabled on your account? Well if you see a calendar icon below any of your contact’s conversations, then it means that it is available for you.

Through this update, the users can jump to a date they want to discover the messages of a certain conversation. The users can even go to the first message. However, if the calendar icon doesn’t appear for you still. It means that the feature will appear for you in the coming days.

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Well, the ability to search for messages by date has been introduced to some lucky beta testers. They received this after installing the latest beta update from the TestFlight app. It will roll out to more users over the coming weeks.