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One Man’s Trash, Another’s Treasure: How Cashify Solves Indian e-Waste Problem


Since smartphones are more common in the world than toilets, it’s time we paid attention to the e-waste problem that comes with every new mobile phone that is shipped and sold. This was the origin story behind Cashify and how it came to exist.

- Updated: 27th Oct 2023, 00:26 IST

Where there’s consumption, there’s waste. India, in recent times, has become one of the top three nations with the largest smartphone user base. As per the data, India has been ranked as the third-largest producer of e-waste in the world in 2021-22. The numbers can be staggering. While smartphone brands shoot away one launch after the other, the rate of smartphone usage is growing in India. Consequently, e-waste is on the rise as well.

Poor management of waste of any kind can make it extremely difficult to sustain a healthy environment. Since smartphones are more common in the world than toilets, it’s time we pay attention to the e-waste problem that comes with every new mobile phone that is shipped and sold. This was the origin story behind Cashify and how it came to exist.

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How Is E-Waste Becoming an Area Of Concern?

As the population of India seems to boom rapidly, the usage of electronic waste shoots up at an unexpectedly faster rate. This has led to improper disposal of electronic waste in general dump yards. Most of the time, the chemicals like mercury, lithium, etc., from e-waste leach into the human body through soil and air, causing multiple health issues like nervous disorders, brain, kidney, and heart diseases, to name a few. Additionally, the impact on the environment is concerning, too.

However, the large amount of e-waste generated can be tackled skillfully through recycling and reusing the product. This is where Cashify enters the picture in the Indian scenario, where it has revolutionised the way in which waste management is done.

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How Cashify Solves Indian e-Waste Problem?

Earlier, while people used to discard their phones, apprehensive of the data security and getting the right prices of the product, they now turn to platforms like Cashify for selling their old devices securely and safely from the comforts of their homes.

  • Giving consumers the assurance that their discarded products are in the right hands. The entire process gives a guarantee of data security and 100 per cent safe, too.
  • Getting a genuine purchase invoice ensures that the device is not misused, which happens when you sell to unverified buyers, etc.
  • Steps like instant payment to the seller give a boost to people in reselling their old mobile phones to Cashify.
  • Cashify deals in refurbished devices, the renewed devices accrued from the old used mobile phone. These devices are sold back to the customers at an affordable price after fixing it.
  • This reduces the overall carbon footprint generated through the e-waste of users.
  • Instead of letting a discarded device end up in a garbage or dump ground, Cashify ensures that the electronic product is recycled and waste is reduced.
  • Reduces wastage of non-renewable sources that go into making the electronic product.

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Final Words: How Cashify Solves Indian e-Waste Problem

Attaining consumer’s trust is an essential standpoint in the overall journey to tackle waste generation in India. In times when waste management is becoming a matter of prime concern, Cashify ensures that it does its part in increasing the sale of recycled and refurbished products with 32-point quality checks, providing warranty to the buyers, and getting amazingly low rates for the devices.

An all-round smartphone care provider, Cashify grew through the stages to be what it is today. Majorly known as a smartphone buyback platform, Cashify now caters to smartphone users across India and helps them with everything they would ever need for their devices. From repair to accessories and refurbished gadgets, the concern for an effective way to reuse, reduce and recycle electronic gadgets remains our key focus area.

But was it always aimed to be a smartphone buyback and smartphone-based service? How has our journey into establishing ourselves in India’s re-commerce market been? This YourStory article covers the major milestones that shaped our present and gave us the vision for working towards a better environment by making e-waste a thing of the past. Click here to read full article.


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Highlights of the Story

  • India is the third largest producer of e-waste in the world (data from 2021-22)
  • As the population is on the rise, demand for smartphones and other electronic items has risen, giving a proportional rise to e-waste, too.
  • In this article, you get to know how Cashify solves the Indian e-waste problem and proves to be a solution provider in tackling e-waste through its effective strategy and mechanism.

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