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OnePlus 10 Pro vs Samsung S22 Ultra – The IPL Camera Tests!


A premium flagship phone’s cameras should be able to perform under every lighting condition. With two of our best hosts, Kaushal and Vivek, on a trip for an RCB vs GT IPL match, we decided to put these phones through their paces. Check out who won in the OnePlus 10 Pro and Samsung S22 Ultra IPL camera tests!

- Updated: 9th May 2022, 11:02 IST
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You’ve probably not seen an IPL edition OnePlus 10 Pro and Samsung S22 Ultra camera test so far. After all, these are two premium flagship phones that are comfortably at the top of the Indian smartphone market. However, most of those comparisons were probably made in the safety and control that a professional studio provides.

However, for our camera comparisons, we decided to test these two phones in real life. After all, you’re not going to sit in a studio and click pictures. Good camera phones are meant to be taken on vacations and trips to capture your best moments. With this idea, we flew from Delhi to Mumbai to watch the next IPL match between RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) and GT (Gujarat Titans). Our results with the OnePlus 10 Pro and Samsung S22 Ultra camera tests were surprisingly definitive.

See the complete camera test video below, or scroll down to read our detailed experience!

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Day 1:

With each smartphone given to two of our best, Kaushal and Vivek, we started the comparisons right off the bat. Whether we captured videos and clicked pictures at the airport, during the live match, or at the beautiful Marine Drive, the results were as clear as daylight.

The rear camera videos with the Samsung S22 Ultra came out to be much more natural, regardless of the lighting. While the OnePlus 10 Pro didn’t lag too much, there were noteworthy differences in the sharpness and details of the videos. The Samsung S22 Ultra blew it out of the park with crisp and smooth video recording capabilities. Portrait shots came out well for both, but the colours seemed more natural on the Samsung smartphone.

Coming to in-flight images with variable lighting conditions, the videos taken with the OnePlus 10 pro struggled to manage the lighting and focus. However, the Samsung S22 Ultra dealt with indoor lighting conditions with ease. Whether it was shooting videos with the rear camera or front, the Samsung’s ISOCELL HM3 camera sensor was barely put through its paces.

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Day 2:

We were indeed in awe of the Samsung S22 Ultra’s camera performance for the matchday’s camera comparisons. This was when the Samsung phone truly announced its supremacy. The 100x zoom capability of S22 Ultra blew it out of the park, to the point where we could see Virat on the field and Anushka watching from the stands in surprising levels of clarity. Unfortunately, the OnePlus 10 Pro struggled with zoom, despite going up to 30x and producing slightly better footage than an old security camera. Even Ultrawide shots in lower lighting conditions came out much better on the Samsung device.

Since the night was still young after the match, our young bucks decided to test the two smartphones and their low-light performances. While both phones took decent shots of the gorgeous Marine Drive sunset, the dynamic range processing on the Samsung had the better edge. Details were slightly more crisp and clear on the Samsung device’s shots. However, the OnePlus behaved admirably in this category and wasn’t too far behind.

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Day 3:

On the final day, Vivek and Kaushal headed out to visit the famous sites of Mumbai. Their itinerary consisted of taking some fantastic Macro shots, slow-mo videos, Ultra-Wide camera testing, and Portrait shots. At the end of the day, Samsung S22 Ultra’s Shutter Lag produced blurred quite a few pictures. Macro shots on both devices were slightly disappointing, however. Nonetheless, this isn’t a dealbreaker as neither phone has a dedicated Macro mode for taking photos.


For the final verdict, the winner was clear. The Samsung S22 Ultra produced better shots, more detailed videos, and the 100X Zoom is a complete gamechanger. However, let’s not take anything away from the OnePlus 10 Pro. It’s a good second choice for those who don’t want to spend such a significant amount on a phone.

If you want to watch a more detailed camera test of the two phones with two hosts who put the phone through their paces, you can watch the YouTube video here. We hope you enjoyed the OnePlus 10 Pro and Samsung S22 Ultra camera tests – the IPL edition!

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Highlights of the Story

  • The OnePlus 10 Pro and Samsung S22 Ultra IPL camera tests show the vast difference that’s maintained between premium flagships, even at such a high level.
  • Both phones performed admirably well, with the Samsung S22 Ultra edging out on almost every aspect.

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