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OnePlus 9R Vs iPhone XR Vs iPhone 12 Full Comparison: Which One To Buy?


OnePlus 9R Vs iPhone XR Vs iPhone 12 Full Comparison: Which One To Buy?

- Updated: 19th May 2021, 20:33 IST
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    OnePlus 9R vs iPhone XR Vs iPhone 12

Today we are going to compare two different phones from different price ranges. We will talk about how OnePlus 9R compares to the iPhone 12. This is going to be a very interesting comparison of two phones with contrasting price points – INR 40,000 OnePlus 9R to a premium phone of almost Rs.80,000 iPhone 12. Let us compare three devices to see what they offer:

OnePlus 9R vs iPhone XR Vs iPhone 12

First of all, let us talk about the design and display of the devices. Among the three. OnePlus 9R stands taller than both iPhones. However, both the iPhones i.e., iPhone XR and iPhone 12 have slight differences in terms of their widths and height. Wherein, the latter stands a little shorter but slimmer than the iPhone XR. Although the OnePlus 9R is very similar to iPhone 12 the latter takes the sleek and lightweight title.

In terms of display, all three devices offer excellent displays with Super AMOLED, OLED, IPS LCD display. One cannot distinguish its quality in terms of display – they all offer the best. Although OnePlus 9R does have a little more color saturation than the others. On the other hand, iPhone 12 takes the first place with its build and quality by having Ceramic Glass Protection which neither of the other phones has. Moreover, the OnePlus 9R does not offer any IP rating, unlike the iPhone counterparts.

Now, let us talk about the most important thing – battery power and charging. OnePlus takes a sweep by offering both higher battery power and fast charging option. However, iPhone 12/ XR offers wireless charging. Please note that iPhone 12 has stopped shipping chargers in the box. Both these new add-ons are available if you are open to spending extra bucks.

In terms of performance, iPhone still stands apart with its ahead-of-the-time tech. But the OnePlus 9R brings an iPhone-like experience with its Android existence. All three offer great performance and have good technology to depend on. Additionally, both the OnePlus 9R and iPhone 12 have 5G compatibility, unlike XR.

When it comes to camera capabilities, we know how iPhone always takes the top place with its image processing capabilities. However, in no way OnePlus 9R has a bad camera – all three devices lack one or the other. But iPhone 12 with its latest camera tech always stands apart.

Now, let us talk about the most interesting part its Warranty on the phones. Each brand has its own warranty service like OnePlus Care and Apple Care. OnePlus brings in an affordable service plan compared to the Apple Care protection plans. They both have screen protection plans but both charge an additional service fee.

Finally, verdict-wise, Apple comes in the expensive side of things but offers a premium experience. On the other hand, the OnePlus 9R is an affordable option with its budget pricing and premium-like experience. It is up to you now to see what suits your needs more.

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