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25 Questions With iQOO 7 5G


25 most interesting questions with the gaming beast, iQOO 7 5G

- Updated: 1st Jun 2021, 21:16 IST

This article will answer 25+ FAQ questions related to iQOO 7 so that the users do not have any confusion regarding the phone’s features and specifications. It will answer almost all the questions so the doubts of smartphone users regarding iQOO 7 can be cleared instantly. The answers of all the questions have been carefully curated so that the readers can understand about the phone better. The questions and answers about iQOO 7 have been listed below.

Is GCam supported in iQOO 7?

Yes, iQOO 7 does support GCam. You can easily use the GCam version 8.1 on the phone. However, it comes with a limited level support which is support level L_3. There are some features that might get eliminated in the GCam which you can use on the normal camera. For e.g. The ultra wide angle feature would not be accessible on iQOO 7’s GCam. 

What is the body material of iQOO 7?

The iQOO 7 comes with a AG matte glass at the back which catches almost no fingerprints at all. The phone comes with a quite simple design but the design is very elegant. There are no antenna bands at the sides of the phone due to which we can claim that this may be a polycarbonate frame. 

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Does iQOO 7 come with Adaptive Refresh Rate?

iQOO 7 comes with a 120z refresh rate which provides a very smooth user experience with amazing touch sensations. The phone comes with Smart Switch Mode on by default which helps in saving the battery. This also means that the refresh rate keeps juggling between 60Hz and 120Hz as per the app you are using. Scrolling and Home Screen might need a 120Hz refresh rate which is automatically switched by the phone itself. This is what is called as Adaptive Refresh Rate which iQOO 7 has renamed as Smart Switch Mode. 

How fast is the fingerprint sensor? Can I unlock it with wet or sweaty fingers?

iQOO 7 comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor which locks very quickly. However, you have to press a bit harder on the display to unlock the phone. No, the phone’s fingerprint sensor does not work with wet or sweaty fingers at all, even if you try multiple times. 

Which 5G bands are available in iQOO 7?

iQOO 7 comes with a N78 band  for 5G. India hasn’t launched 5G yet but whenever it is launched, the N78 band would support the 5G network completely and very efficiently.

Does iQOO 7 come with 4G+ Carrier aggregation support?

iQOO 7 comes with carrier aggregation support. However, it does support only a single carrier aggregation and there is no room for dual carrier aggregation support. 

What is the UFS 3.1 read and write speed?

iQOO 7 supports ROM type UFS 3.1 storage which gives sequential write speed of around 450-500 MB/s whereas it provides a read speed of around 1GB/s which is massive. 

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What is the ANTUTU benchmarks score of iQOO 7?

The ANTUTU test results of iQOO 7 surprisingly crossed the 7,00,000 mark which is quite impressive for a flagship phone with a price tag of Rs. 29,999.

Does iQOO 7 support Always-ON display? 

iQOO 7 is based on Funtouch OS 11 which allows the Always-ON display feature. However, this Always-ON display feature isn’t customizable which means you cannot make any changes to this feature. 

Does iQOO 7 also come with gaming triggers like the iQOO 3? 

No, iQOO 7 does not come with any gaming triggers. It has a very simple design that unfortunately does not display any gaming triggers.

Is there any cooling system in iQOO 7? 

Yes, the iQOO 7 comes with a Liquid Cooling System attached with a graphite sheet which helps in reducing the heat. The heat reduction happens in four directions which completely eliminates the overheating of the device. Overall, the phone gives a lag-free experience. 

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Are there any overheating issues in iQOO 7?

The phone does not display any kind of overheating issues at all. The phone’s temperature is maintained at almost all times. The interesting part here is that the device does not heat up even after heavy games like PUBG are being played with Ultra HD graphics. 

What is the maximum setting in which I can play PUBG? 

The gaming experience of iQOO 7 is very smooth as you can turn on Ultra HD graphics and play PUBG with absolutely no lag. 

Can I play PUBG at 90fps?

Yes, the maximum frame rate in iQOO 7 is 90fps but it is only available in HDR graphics mode. You will have to go to settings, go to frame rate and choose Extreme graphics which are supported only in HDR mode. When you switch to Ultra HD mode, the settings will automatically change to 60fps. 

What is extended RAM on iQOO 7?

The extended RAM feature is for extremely heavy smartphone users. The 8GB variant comes with an additional 3GB RAM. Overall, the iQOO 7 comes with 11GB RAM in total. However, this 3GB extra RAM is virtual and is available internally with the 128GB storage. Heavy gaming and multitasking automatically activate the 3GB virtual RAM.

Is there a notification LED light on iQOO 7?

iQOO 7 does not come with a notification light like most other newer Android smartphones that have cancelled this feature out.

Can I root iQOO 7 and install custom ROMs?

Yes, you can root iQOO 7 and install custom ROMs but it is a very lengthy procedure and Cashify suggests that this may harm your phone and your warranty can also become void. 

Does iQOO 7 support Wi-fi 6?

Yes, there is support for Wi-fi 6 equipped with the iQOO 7 phone. With Wi-fi 6 you can ensure that there is very minimum congestion and interference and your device will get the highest speed amongst all the other devices. Moreover, even the overall battery consumption is reduced when Wi-fi 6 is enabled on your device. 

What type of video stabilization is available on iQOO 7?

In the iQOO 7 smartphone, OIS + EIS can be spotted with the rear camera. The OIS feature helps with hardware stabilization on the phone. 

When does OIS + EIS kick in together? 

Ultra Stable mode needs to be enabled on the iQOO 7 in order to use the OIS + EIS feature. This will assure great hardware as well as software stabilization.

How is the haptic feedback on iQOO 7?

iQOO 7 has a Z- Axis Linear Motor which gives a 4D gaming experience. This enhances gaming as well as shooting experience on the phone. However, the typing user experience remains average on the phone.

Does iQOO 7 have NFC? 

iQOO 7 has NFC support in the control centre itself. 

Does iQOO support Hi-Fi? 

iQOO 7 unfortunately does not come with Hi-Fi audio support. However, the phone has a deep-field audio effect which is very easily accessible. All you have to do is visit the inbuilt Music App, go to the Menu section and select the Audio Effect and you can opt for deep-field audio effect. In this section, you can also choose from multiple other sound effects along with the feature of adjusting an equalizer. 

How about the screen material of iQOO 7? 

The display of iQOO 7 is a high-quality AMOLED display. The colours of the display are very vivid and the display also consumes very less power. iQOO 7 phone’s display comes with the SGS Eye Care technology which means even at maximum brightness the display is not harmful for the eyes. 

Is Night Mode supported in the front camera?

Yes, the iQOO 7 supports Super Night Selfie Mode in front camera. The low light selfies have a great quality with minimum noise captured and would not disappoint you at all. When the lighting is very poor, the Auto Fill light mode is turned on which will give you bright selfies even in very low light conditions. 

All the above questions cover a lot of unique features that the iQOO 7 comes with. The iQOO 7 is priced at Rs. 29,999 even though it is a flagship device. Purchasing this phone would not be a problem at all as it has so many distinct features which you can experience. 


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