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The Ultimate Truth Behind Refurbished Phones Condition


Quality and affordability are the hallmarks of refurbished phones; however, concerns linger about battery life, scratches, speed, warranties, and waterproofing. This is why Cashify has stood out by offering its clientele rigorous testing alongside an uncomplicated shopping process, supported by a half-year warranty as well as a fifteen-day return policy. For budget-friendly or high-end alternatives count on Cashify to deliver refurbished phones according to your personality type.

- Updated: 26th Feb 2024, 10:43 IST
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    Do Refurbished Phones Have New Batteries?
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    Are there any scratches on refurbished phones?
  • 3
    Do Refurbished Phones Work Slowly?
  • 4
    Refurbished Phones Warranty?
  • 5
    Are Refurbished Phones Waterproof?
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People in this highly technological generation have always shown an attraction to refurbished phones. Manufacturers repair these devices used earlier to make them appear new. Nevertheless, there are numerous queries to raise about these phones like, do refurbished phones have new batteries? do refurbished phones have scratches? are refurbished phones slower? refurbished phone warranty? Are refurbished phones waterproof?

So let’s get into it and find out what truth might lay behind the refurbishing of mobiles!

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Do Refurbished Phones Have New Batteries?

Frequently, restored cell phones may come with new batteries for the best performance ever. During the restoration process, technicians typically replace old batteries with fresh ones. This ensures users enjoy a strong and lasting battery life. Thereby, it allows them to enjoy long durations of usage without worrying about common battery degradation in older devices. Also, changing batteries improves the overall life of renewed devices making them an affordable choice for consumers who want practicality.

Are there any scratches on refurbished phones?

Refurbished phones don’t necessarily have scratches or visible wear, despite what people believe. The method includes checking and refurbishing the cosmetic problems. Most renewed phones might have minor scratches, but most undergo refurbishment to appear like new ones. Therefore, customers can easily find a fully polished renewed model of phone with zero or a very small amount of scratches that look brand new.

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Do Refurbished Phones Work Slowly?

Refurbished mobile phones come with nearly similar performance levels as brand-new ones. Do not expect any significant difference in speed and performance between a renewed or a new device because they perform quite similarly. Modern remanufacturing procedures entail restoring gadgets to their original specification which guarantees optimum operation. Refurbished phones have to go through an intensive examination process and quality checks for any possible issues with their performance. Moreover, manufacturers apply improved software updates and optimization techniques to boost speed and responsiveness, ensuring a seamless user experience similar to new devices.

Refurbished Phones Warranty?

Reputable sellers like Cashify offer warranties on renewed phones to give customers peace of mind and confidence. In general, such guarantees cover default issues in production or technical malfunctioning that might have arisen. Their warranty period depends on the merchant and the kind of equipment, but it usually stretches from some months to one year. This warranty coverage ensures that buyers can confidently buy renewed phones without worrying about potential issues or unexpected costs.

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Are Refurbished Phones Waterproof?

Unless stated by the seller, refurbished phones may not retain waterproofing features. While some refurbished phones retain their water-resistant capacity, others lack testing or refurbishment to ensure waterproofing. Therefore, buyers need to carefully review the specifications and details provided by the seller regarding whether the renewed phone is waterproofed or not. Furthermore, using protective cases or accessories can help safeguard refurbished phones against water damage, providing an added layer of protection.


In conclusion, refurbished phones offer excellence, affordability, and reliability. Cashify ensures rigorous testing and refurbishment for every device, providing a stress-free shopping experience. With transparent policies, buyers can confidently purchase online or in-store. Additionally, Cashify offers a 6-month warranty and a 15-day refund/replacement window, ensuring peace of mind. Whether seeking a budget or premium device, Cashify makes buying refurbished phones simple and trustworthy.

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In case you want to buy a refurbished mobile phone, sell or have your phone fixed, the most suitable alternative is Cashify! We operate free doorstep pickups and appraisals to make your life easier. Besides that, Cashify will give you the highest cost for your old handset as it allows for upgrading to a better smartphone.


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Highlights of the Story

  • Explore the truth about refurbished phones: batteries, scratches, speed, warranty, and waterproofing.
  • Cashify offers the assurance of stringent testing and refurbishment that gives a shopper peace of mind.
  • It has a warranty for 6 months as well as a refund/replacement period of 15 days hence relieving you from anxiety.
  • Irrespective of being cheap or top-notch, Cashify will offer you reliable refurbished phones.