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Oh No! Samsung Galaxy A14 Battery Not Charging: Quick Fix!


Are you wondering why Samsung Galaxy A14 Battery is not charging despite several attempts? Is there a problem with the charging port or cables? Or is it some software issue? know the possibilities and follow the troubleshooting steps for a quick fix. Your another quick and reliable option can be Cashify. Read the article to know more!

- Updated: 4th Jun 2024, 16:22 IST
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    Start By Diagnosing Why Samsung Galaxy A14 Battery Not Charging:
    • Are You Using The Original Charger of The Phone?
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    Majors For Troubleshooting:
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    If The Problem Persists:
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    Cashify Mobile Repair: A Convenient Option
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    Final Verdict

It can be an alarming situation to see your Samsung Galaxy A14 Battery not charging while it is plugged into the charging port. There is no indication if it is charging at all. If you are in the same situation or a similar one with your Samsung Galaxy A14, don’t rush to buy a new charger. Before that, try a few troubleshooting steps to get your phone back to charging properly.

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Samsung gaxaly a14 not charging

Start By Diagnosing Why Samsung Galaxy A14 Battery Not Charging:

Below, we have mentioned the way you can diagnose the problem. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert to figure it out.

Are You Using The Original Charger of The Phone?

Make sure you’re using the same Samsung charger and cable that came with your phone. Third-party options might not be compatible or provide enough power. Also, check the cable for any damage or loose connections at both ends. To determine whether the problem is in the power source, try another charging outlet at your place.

Majors For Troubleshooting:

Sometimes, the solution is simpler than you think. Below are some things you can try out yourself before taking it to a professional.

Clean the Charging Port: 

More often or so, dirt and dust build-up can stop the smooth power inflow inside a charger. If that’s the case, make sure you clean the insides of the charging port gently and carefully with a dry and lint-free cloth. You can also use gentle compressed air to clean the debris. Make sure not to harm any other components. If you aren’t confident, you can take the phone to any Cashify store. Their in-house skilled technician can help you with their expertise in the process and charge a nominal fee.

Restart Your Phone: 

Just restart the phone to refresh everything. You can force start by pressing the power and volume down buttons. If there were any temporary software issues that were influencing the charging function, they would be resolved right away. 

Update Your Software: 

Software updates often include bug fixes, and some bugs might impact charging functionality. Connect to Wi-Fi and navigate to Settings > Software update to check for available updates.

Boot into Safe Mode: 

It is possible that a downloaded app is interfering with charging. Booting into safe mode can help diagnose the issue. Turn your phone off completely, then turn it back on while holding Volume Down. If charging works in safe mode, uninstall recent apps and restart as usual. If your phone charges in safe mode, uninstall any recently downloaded apps and restart normally.

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Samsung Galaxy A14

Samsung Galaxy A14
Octa core, 2 GHz, Cortex A55Mali-G52 MP1
400 ppi, PLS LCD1080 x 2408 pixels
1920x1080 @ 30 fpsSingle, 13MP
Fast, 15W

If The Problem Persists:

If you’ve exhausted these troubleshooting steps and your Samsung Galaxy A14 remains lifeless, it’s time to seek professional help. While these steps can resolve many common charging issues, there may be underlying hardware or software problems that require specialized knowledge and tools to fix. Samsung offers comprehensive support options, although they come at a hefty price. 

If you want to explore a more affordable alternative for mobile repair, then Cashify is your best option.

Cashify Mobile Repair: A Convenient Option

For a convenient and reliable solution to fix your Samsung Galaxy A14 battery, consider Cashify’s mobile repair service. With a network of certified technicians, they can efficiently diagnose and fix your Galaxy A14’s charging issues. They use premium parts and will only use the highest compatible battery for replacement. Stay chill, as they also offer a warranty on their repairs. So, there is no fear of a faulty repair.
In some cases, they offer one-day repairs, so if your Samsung Galaxy A14 battery has only minor issues, you can visit the store with your device and have it fixed instantly.

If you are too occupied, you can book a doorstep pick-up and drop from Cashify online via the website or app. Schedule the time and date at your convenience.

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Final Verdict

Don’t let a charging issue come into your way of using your device. By following the troubleshooting steps and considering Cashify’s mobile phone repair services, you can get your Samsung Galaxy A14 back to life quickly. Visit the Cashify website to schedule pick up of your device for repair within minutes!

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Are you still browsing through your broken screen? Don’t worry! Book at-home mobile phone screen repair with Cashify—an affordable and one-stop destination for all your mobile phone needs. In case you break your screen within 1 month of repair, we will replace your screen again—for FREE. 


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Highlights of the Story

  • Get to know why Samsung Galaxy A14 Battery not charging even after putting it on charge.
  • Try diagnosing the problem yourself, followed by troubleshooting steps.
  • If the problem persists, get professional help from trustworthy Mobile repair service by either Samsung or Cashify.

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