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7 Signs That You Need To Buy A New Phone Right Away


Much like any other tools, smartphones also get outdated and need to be upgraded from time to time. So, in this article, we have mentioned a list of signs to buy a new phone that you can observe in your smartphone and upgrade your smartphone if needed.

- Updated: 30th Jan 2024, 18:07 IST
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    Signs That You Need To Buy A New Phone
    • 1. You can’t upgrade to the latest operating system
    • 2. The battery life is not long enough anymore
    • 3. Your phone decides to suddenly shut down
    • 4. You can’t have a proper conversation
    • 5. You are still out of storage
    • 6. Apps often crash on your device
    • 7. Your phone is awfully slow
    • 8. Manufacturer stops supporting your device
    • 9. Feature FOMO: 
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    To Summerise It

Looking for signs to buy a new phone? Let’s face it, our phones are practically appendages these days. They’re our cameras, our wallets, our social lives, and even our sanity when we’re stuck in line at the movies. But just like any other tool, phones eventually show signs of wear and tear, whispering (or sometimes, screaming) that it’s time for an upgrade.

So, how do you know when your beloved device has crossed the line from a reliable companion to a technological torture device? Here are seven glaring signs that it’s time to put your old phone out.

Signs That You Need To Buy A New Phone

While it is important to have a functional smartphone that can get the job done without any issues, if that’s not the case and the smartphone feels outdated, then it might be a good time to upgrade. But if you are not a big fan of regularly upgrading your smartphone, here are a few signs to buy a new phone.

1. You can’t upgrade to the latest operating system

You can't upgrade to the latest operating system

If your manufacturer does not provide you with the latest upgrade to the most current OS version, it is one of the signs to buy a new phone. It is also possible that your phone’s hardware may be so outdated that you can’t simply support the new update anymore.

For Example:

A device with a 32-bit processor cannot run a 64-bit operating system. This is what happened with iOS 11, as users of older devices wanted to update to the new iOS. While the new iOS is built for 64-bit systems, and the older iPhones cannot support it. So when you are looking for a new Android phone, be sure that it runs the latest version of Android OS. It’s also good to check how many more years the OEM has guaranteed to provide major software upgrades.

Not having regular security updates may leave your phone vulnerable to hackers and malware, putting your data and privacy at risk. Invest in a phone with the latest software and security features for peace of mind.

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2. The battery life is not long enough anymore

phone battery dying early

Remember the days when you could leave your charger at home without a panic attack? Does your phone now need more plugs? Even a 10-minute charge barely gets you through a commute? If yes, it’s time to bid farewell to battery woes.

Battery life can be the biggest pain when your smartphone ages. You can probably get more work done without needing to worry about the recharge schedule unless you are watching YouTube videos, streaming movies on Netflix or playing BGMI all day.

A smartphone battery should ideally last around 12 hours with light usage, covering a full day. If it falls short, consider this as one of your signs to buy a new phone or replacing the battery at least.

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3. Your phone decides to suddenly shut down

phone random shut down problem

Random shutdowns are worse than constantly running out of battery. It can also be more annoying if followed by a random shutdown, and your phone takes its sweet time powering back up. It is also possible that it might not turn back on for a while, and then it randomly turns on after a few minutes/hours, and this is a sign to buy a new phone. The best thing you can do now is get a new phone, as there is nothing more annoying than random smartphone shutdowns.

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4. You can’t have a proper conversation

calling problem in old phone

Even when you have a full network bar on the notifications panel of your smartphone, and the caller on the opposite side cannot hear you, it might be your microphone that’s faulty. After a while of use, the microphone might get bad being exposed to dust, pollution and moisture. This can cause the mic to malfunction, and the people on the other end of your call will start complaining that they can’t understand what you are saying. So if your smartphone can’t make phone calls, then it’s just a piece of paperweight, and these are signs to buy a new phone.

5. You are still out of storage

image taking up memory

If you click a few pictures/videos and the smartphone runs out of memory frequently, it’s a sign to buy a new phone. Move to a new phone, and most of the budget smartphones these days start with a minimum of 32GB or 64 GB of storage. But be sure when you are purchasing a new phone to get the option with more storage. With more storage, you can take high-resolution photos and videos that the new camera system captures. Ideally, 64GB of internal storage is good for casual usage.

6. Apps often crash on your device

mobile apps crash is a sign to buy a new phone

If you have a lot of apps crashing frequently on your smartphone the same thing isn’t happening to your friend’s phone. Then, the problem may be with your device and not the app itself. There are 2 different kinds of memory present on any device; one is for storage, and the other is called RAM, which actually runs the OS and apps. RAM helps you access your most used apps quickly without any delay.

Within RAM, there are different locations and individual memory thresholds set for each app. On many budget and low-end devices, this threshold can be very low and is limited to the RAM capacity that the smartphone is equipped with. A smartphone with 6GB RAM can hold much more apps in memory than a smarptohe that features just 1GB RAM. So, more RAM is better in most cases. As a result, you may experience a better experience compared to your colleagues who opted for a high-end flagship phone with highe RAM capacity.

So if you frequently see most apps crashing and they take a lot more time to run; then its definately the RAM that is limiting the performance. And it might be a good idea to get a new smartphone with at least 6GB of RAM.

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7. Your phone is awfully slow

Even after doing a frequent hard reset of a device, the smartphone is painfully unresponsive. Using your phone seems like starting Windows 95 on a 10-year-old PC. These are the signs that it is time to choose a phone with a faster processor and more RAM that can handle all your demanding apps. 

Slowing down your smartphone is the primary reason one must consider getting a new smartphone. A better processor and more RAM can deliver excellent lag-free performance.

8. Manufacturer stops supporting your device

Unsupported device: signs to buy a new phone

Compared to many of the Android manufacturers’ Apple tends to support security updates for longer. But if your device is more than five years old, you are still living in the past. Many of these devices can be so old that network traffic may not be properly encrypted with up-to-date protocols. This may leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

9. Feature FOMO: 

Does your friend’s phone have features that make yours look like a relic from the Stone Age? From mind-blowing cameras to lightning-fast processors, new phones come packed with features that can enhance your life in ways you never imagined. Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest – treat yourself to a phone that excites you with its capabilities.

To Summerise It

Smartphones are no longer just gadgets; they have become a critical component of a modern lifestyle. In the same way, you wouldn’t want to drive on the highway in your old piece of a junk car with no airbag support and a maximum speed of 40 km/h. It is not enjoyable to stay with technology that is not up to date.

Upgrading your phone ensures access to new features and improved performance, enhancing your overall experience. Recognizing signs to buy a new phone is crucial, as smartphones have become integral to our lifestyle, and a functional, high-performance device is desirable for everyone.

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When do you decide, you need to upgrade your phone? Tell us in the comments!

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