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    Boat Xtend Review – Best Smartwatch Under 3000

    By Ritik - 
    Updated: 14th Jun 2022 23:05 IST

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      Review Summary
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      Boat Xtend Price in India and Variants
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      Box Contents
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      Specs at a glance
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      Design and Build
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      Battery and Charging
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      Fitness and Health Features
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      Software and UI
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    Boat Xtend Review
    Review Summary

    When it comes to releasing their smartwatches in India, BoAt is on a roll. There is a wide variety of smartwatches available in the market today. In order to meet the growing demand for smartwatches in India, boAt has launched the Xtend watch.

    The Boat Xtend has a sleek appearance that is comparable to that of the Apple watch. In addition to that, it has built-in support for Amazon Alexa, tracks Heart Rate, SpO2 and stress, and much more.

    I have been using the latest Xtend watch for quite some time now. Let’s find out if boAt’s new smartwatch lives up to our great expectations in this boat Xtend review.

    • Good build and design
    • 5ATM water-resistant
    • Built-in Alexa support
    • Simple UI
    • Numerous watch faces
    • No Built-in GPS.
    • Lacks camera control
    Key Specs
    Battery Capacity
    Battery Capacity
    300 mAh
    • 300 mAh
    Boat Xtend Price in India and Variants

    The Boat Xtend comes at a price tag of Rs. 2999 in India. It is available in five different colour options: Charcoal Black, Deep Blue, Olive Green, Pitch Black, and Sandy Cream.

    The watch can be purchased directly from Boat’s official website and major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Tata CLiQ and more.

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    Box Contents

    The boAt Xtend comes packed with the following items inside the box:

    • Smartwatch
    • USB Magnetic Charging Cable
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card

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    Specs at a glance

    Before we talk more about the smartwatch, let’s see what on-paper specs look like:

    • Display: 1.69 Inch LCD
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth
    • Supported OS: Android & iOS
    • Battery: 300 mAh
    • Weight: 54 grams
    Design and Build

    This time around, the boat’s design has been improved, which elevates the overall quality of its appearance to that of a premium product. The boAt Xtend looks like an Apple Watch and has a crown button on the right side to help you navigate the user interface.

    Boat Xtend design

    Its frame is square-shaped with flat sides and rounded corners. The watch looks and feels premium despite being made of plastic.

    The watch comes with two flexible silicone straps, which can be swapped out with any other 23mm strap. The straps are of good quality and will become comfortable to wear over time.

    Boat Xtend straps

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    Since it is so incredibly comfortable and light, you can even wear it while you are sleeping. The boAt Xtend is notably lighter than other smartwatches, making it comfortable to wear all day.

    All the sensors are located on its matte-finished back panel. It is water-resistant up to 5 ATMs, you can use it during any of your workouts, including swimming, without worrying about it getting damaged.

    Boat Xtend waterproof

    The boAt Xtend may be a low-cost smartwatch, but it has a very premium look and an elegant feel thanks to the gold finish on the sides of the watch.

    Battery and Charging

    The Boat Xtend watch is packed with a 300mAh battery. The manufacturer claims that the watch has a seven-day battery life under light usage and five-day battery life under heavy usage. But these claims were far from what I noticed.

    The battery life of the watch is around three days if you use the majority of its features. The watch will last for about four to five days if the brightness is kept at a low setting and some features are turned off. For me, the battery life was its biggest drawback.

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    A magnetic charger provided by the company can be attached to the back of the watch. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the watch from 0 to 100 per cent.


    The boAt Xtend boasts a 1.69-inch LCD display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The bezels toward the bottom are about one centimetre thick, while the bezels on the other sides are much thinner. The good news is that you won’t even notice the bezels when the screen is turned off.

    For me, the display on the boAt Xtend smartwatch is a marked improvement over that of the company’s previous smartwatch. This smartwatch has a bright display and an excellent viewing angle, making it easy to read even outdoors.

    Boat Xtend display

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    The watch’s display can stay on for up to 20 seconds, and the brightness can be adjusted from 5 available levels. When turned all the way up, the screen is quite bright. The brightness level of 5 makes the screen usable in bright sunlight. There is no always-on-display, but that’s not really a deal-breaker.

    The large screen makes it easy to read all of your notifications and health stats without having to strain your eyes. Even though there isn’t an additional coating on top of the display, it still doesn’t easily pick up fingerprints or smudges.

    Xtend watch faces

    While the boAt Wave app gives you access to a total of 50 different watch faces, the watch itself only gives you access to 5 different watch faces to select from.

    Fitness and Health Features

    This watch features 14 different sports modes. It includes dedicated modes for Indoor Cycling, Outdoor Cycling, Indoor Run, Outdoor Run, Cricket, Hiking, Yoga, Pool Swim and more. I tried a few, and they all seemed to work normally.

    Though it lacks a built-in GPS, the Xtend can still keep records of your workouts and display relevant data right on the watch face. The watch keeps track of your previous workouts and other health data, which you can see in a dedicated health and sports record menu.

    Boat Xtend fitness features

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    The boAt Xtend has a ton of different features, such as Heart Rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring and stress monitoring. The results that the boAt Xtend recorded for monitoring my heart rate were comparable to those that were recorded by the other smartwatches that I own. I also put the SpO2 monitor to the test, and it seems to give reasonably accurate readings.

    watch Xtend health features

    The Xtend watch can also track your sleeping patterns, which we put through its paces; unfortunately, the results did not meet our expectations. In addition, it has a feature to track the menstrual cycle for its female users.

    Coming to the stress monitoring, I was not able to confirm its accuracy.

    Xtend stress monitoring

    Software and UI

    You will need to install the boAt Wave app on your smartphone and then connect it to the smartwatch. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android. When you sign up, you’ll be asked for some basic information about yourself, including your weight and height.

    You will find all fitness-related records and watch settings within the app itself. The fact that the app sends its users a weekly health report card containing extensive health data is a plus.

    This smartwatch also has a simple and clean user interface. The bar menu doesn’t have many animations, and it’s easy to navigate around, so it won’t be difficult to use. However, the watch lags from time to time due to the weak processor.

    Xtend UI

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    A battery status screen with four options (DND, Raise to Wake, Brightness, and Find phone) appears when you swipe down from the top of the screen.

    The watch gives you notification alerts, including text messages and other types of notifications. You can see the notifications but can’t reply to them from the watch. You will also receive incoming call alerts but you only get the option to reject the call.

    Apart from all this, you get a bunch of other features like weather information, music control, setting alarms and more.

    One of the most notable features of the boAt Xtend is its support for Amazon Alexa. The watch has a microphone that can be activated by long-pressing the navigation button. It is important to keep in mind that you can only use Alexa for very basic tasks on the smartwatch, such as setting an alarm or a timer.


    The boAt Xtend is an excellent low-cost fitness smartwatch. It has a decent display, built-in Alexa support, is well-made, and does everything you’d want from a basic fitness tracker and more.

    Overall, it has the look and feels of a premium smartwatch. One thing I did not like about the watch was its battery life. The lack of built-in GPS might be disappointing to some users.

    There are some trade-offs, but considering how many features are included in the watch for the price, it’s hard to complain. In my opinion, boAt Xtend is one of the best smartwatches available for less than Rs 3000.

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