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Tinder To Launch Video Chat Feature In June


Tinder’s parent company Match Group on Tuesday in its earnings release said that the application saw a decrease in first-time subscribers between February to March.

- Updated: 11th May 2020, 20:22 IST

In the current COVID-19 era where lockdowns, social distancing and work from home is the new normal, singles across the globe are now craving for more and more meaningful relationships more than ever. They are seeking both intimacy and privacy.

Businesses have to adopt and adapt to this new era otherwise risking closure. While the rest of the economy looks bleak in April 2020, Tinder has seen a boost in the number of the female swipers under thirty. Singles are adapting and interacting in newer ways. One on one internet communication is becoming important. With that, privacy concerns are also rising.

To celebrate and protect its female clientele, Tinder has a surprise for all. The popular dating app Tinder has declared the launch of a one-on-one video chat facility to be launched later this year. As part of protectionist policy, Match Group’s Tinder has decided to utilise an offensive image detection. Much is not known about it but they may employ their own software or outsource it.

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With the introduction of this feature the singles can happily date away. It will lead a significant rise in the first-time users. A similar cascading effect would be seen on its other services as well.

Earlier in March, we saw the introduction of Tinder Passport which will allow its users to connect with singles all over the world. The feature would be rolled out to Tinder Premium users only.

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With these features Tinder is expected to bounce back with newer subscriptions and a higher revenue generation as the second quarter progresses even while other sectors are grappling with the after effects of COVID19. Tinder has also made plans to introduce techniques verify user profiles subsequently in order to decrease the number of fake profiles on the platform.

This roll out will force other players in the market to adapt to this model. Since Tinder is a first mover in this sector it will see a substantial rise in the market share as compared to 2019 in the months of May and June.

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