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‘Say Namaste’: India’s Own Video Conference And Zoom Alternative App


After so many controversies circulating around the Zoom app, an alternative to it is surely in need.

- Updated: 30th Aug 2020, 15:00 IST
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After the lockdown swung into action around the globe, employees were asked to work from home. This gave a US-based video conference platform an exponential uptick in terms of influx of users on the platform. The app allowed companies to conduct meetings on a group video call and thus, humongous popularity. However, it all went down when Standard Chartered Bank and a few other companies warned employees not to use it due to the zoombombing threat. 

This opened up the floodgates for other app developers to launch their video conferencing app and ‘Say Namaste’ is a great example of the latest Indian app that was released a few days ago. In fact, merely 48 hours after the web application was released, it recorded a whopping 25,000 meetings and over 100,000 users in India. Apparently, the web application is currently in beta stage and it would be sometime from now when the developers will release a stable version of it after fixing all the bugs. 

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As opposed to the fake news tagging this Indian app as a government-owned web application aiding in video conferencing, Say Namaste is a brainchild of a Mumbai-based web application and software development company that goes by the name Inscripts. The web application is currently on a heavy influx in terms of users online which is the reason many would come across connectivity issues as it is clearly mentioned on the website.

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Also, since it is a beta app, it is prone to lagging and errors here and there which can be fixed upon further releases. Note that this is a web application and the app for Android via Google Play Store and Apple via App Store is not available at the moment. Although users can use it on desktop and smartphones via web browsers without any hassle.

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Apart from Say Namaste, here are few more alternative Indian video conferencing applications and Zoom alternatives:


Developed by 10Times, a Noida-based events discovery platform, Floor is a video conferencing application offering video conferencing of multiple types and creating a one-stop solution for professional or personal visual-based communications.  The features available during video conferencing are live question-answers, audience polls and AI driven user matching algorithms. With all these features Floor is heading to capture the video conferencing market for arranging summits, webinars and assisting market selling and tradeshows. For meeting the global requirements, live videos, audios and the text are encrypted and the data is stored securely in Amazon Web Service servers.

KL Meet

Incorporating AI and IoT features into video conferencing solutions and aiming to assimilate big data, KL Meet is developed by KnowledgeLense which is based in Bangalore. After working for Central Pollution Board on a video conferencing project, KnowledgeLense developed this customised, cost-effective and secure application for video conferencing and hosting meetings. With hassle-free subscription and fully controlled video conferencing using location services for implementing many unique features like building a KL Meet community network for interaction between users, KL Meet utilizes AI technologies and integrates virtual conference assistance for implementing meeting actions and minutes of meeting to achieve best possible outcomes.  



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Highlights of the Story

  • Say Namaste video conferencing platform is introduced by Inscripts, a Mumbai-based web application firm.
  • It has got a lot of appreciation with numerous users conducting meetings over it in India.
  • The application is in beta and will soon be rolled out to the public.