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Top 10 Tech Myths You Should Stop Believing In 2024


A device’s battery life suffers if it is constantly being charged overnight. Keeping wifi and Bluetooth on drains the battery. Is any of this accurate? Read the article to know more!

- Updated: 28th Dec 2023, 17:32 IST
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    Top 10 Tech Stereotype Busted
    • 1. Charging a phone overnight is bad
    • 2. Refreshing Windows PC make it faster
    • 3. Virtual RAM
    • 4. Place the phone in rice to dry it
    • 5. Using Incognito mode makes you invisible
    • 6. IP rating certification
    • 7. Closing background apps to make the system faster
    • 8. Using Airplane mode is dangerous
    • 9. Wifi and Bluetooth drain battery
    • 10. Ejecting devices unsafely can kill your data
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    In the end

In this tech-dominated era, we are surrounded by several gadgets, and with that, tech myths have also come into existence. If you look around, you’ll observe plenty of devices, even right now, in your surroundings. It’s odd that even though technologies, especially smartphones, have become all-consuming for us, most of us are still oblivious of what is contained within them.

However, there are plenty of myths that are rapidly spreading. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the truth as it stands. This article discusses 10 of these prevalent tech myths regarding technology.

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Top 10 Tech Stereotype Busted

1. Charging a phone overnight is bad

You may doubt and not realise how intelligent your phone is. But yes, your smartphones are designed to understand when they have reached their maximum charge level and need to stop charging.

2. Refreshing Windows PC make it faster

People frequently accept this myth, and most users continue to think that refreshing their windows device would speed it up. But what does the refresh button do if it’s a myth? It appears that pressing the refresh button does not entirely refresh your computer.

It just updates the screen you are now seeing and checks to see if anything has been added to or removed from that specific screen. However, in Mac devices, this option is not present.

3. Virtual RAM

Many consumers mistakenly believe in the myth that more RAM in a device equals better performance. There are, nevertheless, several aspects that contribute to smooth performance. As a result, it is impossible to evaluate a gadget just on its RAM capacity. Contrary to popular belief, smartphones with greater RAM may run more applications in the background.

4. Place the phone in rice to dry it

It’s common practice to attempt and dry out your phone by placing it in a bowl of uncooked rice. This one myth is not wholly wrong because uncooked rice can soak water. But there are some dangers also related to this. It may cause phone damage with the dust and also may cause scratches. However, if you want to dry your phone, simply switch off it and keep it in a dry condition for a few days. 

5. Using Incognito mode makes you invisible

Numerous people believe that using incognito mode will prevent them from being tracked. However, you should be aware that this is a myth. You may quickly discover a message that informs you that your browser won’t save history, cookies, site data, or anything put in forms when incognito mode is active. Also, it may not hide your identity from the internet service provider. Try a VPN instead if you prefer safe browsing.

6. IP rating certification

In terms of IP waterproof rating, most of you think that your device is waterproof. However, there are several rating levels in this also. For example, the IPX4 rating can resist a few water splashes, whereas the IP68 rating means it gets protected if you drop the phone in water for 30 minutes. 

7. Closing background apps to make the system faster

Moving to the next myth, clearing the background apps can make the phone’s performance faster. The operating system on your smartphone, however, functions differently. Your smartphone’s operating system (OS) is more intelligent than you may realise since it quickly shuts the background apps when it needs additional resources.

8. Using Airplane mode is dangerous

Turning on airplane mode was necessary since the phone’s antenna poses a danger of interfering with aeroplane equipment. However, since today’s commercial aircraft are already electromagnetically shielded, there is no need to keep them on.

9. Wifi and Bluetooth drain battery

Turning off Bluetooth or wifi while in use will conserve battery life. Is it a myth or true? Let’s know…Turning wifi or Bluetooth off will not impact battery life if they are idle, though. New improved phone’s Bluetooth and wifi gear are so power-efficient that you don’t even need to switch them off when you’re not using them.

10. Ejecting devices unsafely can kill your data

Everyone thinks that ejecting a pen drive safely keeps your data safe without the risk of losing it. But have you thought, what if you don’t eject it safely? However, it will be perfectly fine if you do not send data while disconnecting it. Therefore, you can remove your USB device without any issues if it is not in use.

In the end

Even yet, many people continue to believe these common tech myths. However, after reading this article, I hope you can see how many of these stereotypes are true and false. And had understood these stereotypes with more clarity. Please let us know if you know of any other tech myths below.

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