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iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone 11 Pro – Battery Test


Our comparison of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone 11 Pro will guide you in picking between the three. Here we’ve outlined the key differences in their battery.

- Updated: 1st Aug 2022, 16:51 IST
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    Real-time battery test
    • 1. Display test
    • 2. Camera recording test
    • 3. Gaming test
    • 4. Social media scrolling
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    Final verdict

Apple has made amazing battery improvements over the years. Here we’ll discuss the battery life of the three iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 12 Pro Vs. iPhone 11 Pro by performing battery test. The iPhone 13 Pro is equipped with a ​​3095 mAh battery, iPhone 12 Pro come with 2815 mAh, and iPhone 11 Pro has a 3046 mAh battery capacity. However, all three of them perform amazingly well.

Furthermore, Read the article to learn about these phones’ battery performance.

Real-time battery test

To check the phone’s battery performance, the real-time battery test performed is done( in real conditions). So here we’ve tested the battery of these phones: iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 12 Pro Vs. iPhone 11 Pro. Our on-the-go tests include the display video streaming test, camera recording test, gaming test and browsing insta social media apps for a certain duration. We start each test one after another and then measure its consumption before starting the next test.

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1. Display test

  • To check the efficiency of the phone’s battery, we need to set all three phones and charge them fully.
  • Next, stream the video of your choice on these phones for 60 minutes.
  • Then, measure the total battery drop after continuously playing the video on these three devices.
  • Check the results after 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, we found that all three phones show a similar battery drop.
  • Afterwards, the results were almost similar, but when we put them again for 30 minutes, they were quite different.
  • The iPhone 13 pro shows excellent results with great efficiency because of the A15 Bionic chip. However, the iPhone 12 pro comes with an A14 Bionic chip, and the Iphone 11 pro, which has an A13 bionic chip, showed a more battery drop than the iPhone 13 pro.

2. Camera recording test

The LCD monitor’s battery icon will show up when the camera is turned on. First, keep the Flash and 4K resolution on for 30 minutes. And after 30 minutes, the results showed that, In comparison to the other two, the battery life of the iPhone 12 Pro is shorter, which means more battery drop will be seen in it.

3. Gaming test

The next test that we performed on these phones was the gaming test. Where we played asphalt 9 and observed the battery drop for 30 minutes. The battery drop in all three phones was similar, but the iphone 12 pro’s battery dropped more as compared to the iphone 13 pro and 12 pro’s after a heavy gaming test.

4. Social media scrolling

So, looking at the last test we performed was social media scrolling for 30 minutes. And lastly got a clear picture that the battery drop is shown most on the iPhone 12 Pro as compared to the other two phones.

Final verdict

The iphone 13 pro is a clear winner after performing the extreme battery test with better efficiency as compared to the iPhone 12 Pro and 11 Pro. However, the iPhone 11 Pro also shows great battery performance. 

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