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    Top 5 Best Projectors in India (2020)


    Let us look at some of the best 5 projectors available in India right now.

    By Susshmita Choubey - 
    8th Oct 2020

    Highlights of the Story

    • Egate i9 is the cheapest projector available with the best features.
    • BenQ W1050 is the premium offering in the market.
    • Epson EB-S41 is the mid-range projector with feature-rich offerings.

    Indian viewers love their big screens and movies. Furthermore, be it Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, Hollywood enthusiasts – they look for watching them on big screens. If you are missing these huge screens and theatre-like experience, we have the answer for you – Projectors!

    They are optical devices to project an image or a moving visual to a projecting screen in the front. Moreover, it helps to display content on a larger screen for a bigger audience.

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    To help you turn your home into a mini-theatre and have the best experience, we bring in a curated list of Best Projectors in India 2020.

    Best Projectors in India

    BENQ MS 535P

    (Best Pick)

    It is an eco-friendly business projector targeted for enterprise markets, especially usable for board meetings, presentations, etc. Additionally, it features an improved DLP chipset and uses an LED lamp for illuminating the subject.

    The device has a minimal yet stylish design, with soft-touch buttons on the top of the projector. Apparently, it makes the initial setup easy and quick.

    It has lined ventilation that expels hot air from the inside, increasing the efficiency and lifespan of the LED bulb. This device also comes with 3D support that will let you project 3D videos onto the display. One can view in its full glory with a compatible 3D glass.

    It comes with two HDMI and a single VGA port which enable simultaneous device connections. This expels the use of expensive adapters resulting in degradation of signal quality.

    No need for lamp replacementNo wireless connectivity
    High contrast text mode
    30-bit color support
    Smart Eco Mode

    Epson EB-S41 Projector

    (Best Pick in Mid-range)

    It is an SVGA type projector that comes with an LCD lamp for illumination purposes. The device looks and feels premium and does justice to its price tag.

    This can project the visuals onto a display of 350-inches to the maximum. It is very well suited for a large-scale audience in an auditorium or large office rooms. There are different color modes to use according to the situation such as a cinema for viewing media, presentation mode for graphs and texts, dynamic for fast-moving content such as sports, etc.

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    HDMI and VGA ports are present for connecting laptops and gaming consoles or even set-top boxes with this projector. There are two USB ports – one standard USB B and a USB A port for hooking up various accessories or even an external storage medium.

    This projector has a high-quality LCD chipset project that offers unmatched colour accuracy and sharpness across different kind of inputs.

    Colour accuracyAverage lamp life
    3300 lumens brightness
    Optional Wi-Fi connectivity

    BenQ W1050

    (Premium Home Theatre Setup)
    BenQ W1050

    It is a premium high-end DLP projector which is one of the best possible candidates for home cinema projection setup.

    The projection lamp that is housed inside the BenQ W1050 has a maximum brightness of 2200 lumens. It is perfect for dark rooms like theatre rooms in your home. Additionally, it is more color accurate and brighter than an LCD projector.

    It is covering over 96% of the industry standard Rec.709 color space, this is one of the most color-accurate projectors out there in the market.

    This premium DLP projector comes with plenty of useful I/O ports to ensure compatibility with most systems out there. You can hook this with a Blu-ray player, laptop, or a legacy VGA compatible device with ease.

    Easy setup processNo inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity
    Rich connectivity options
    Robust build quality

    EGATE i9 Real HD

    (Value for Money)
    Egate i9 real hd

    It is an LED type projector that retails for a very competitive budget under Rs.10,000.

    This projector is designed for Indian conditions with extra durability and protection from dust, heat, and voltage fluctuations.

    It has a maximum projection size of 120-inches, perfect for use inside a small-sized room.

    Within these 120-inches, colors are pretty vibrant and visuals look sharp with decent details in them. It supports both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio, you can switch between this according to which format suits your content.

    One of the main drawbacks of this budget projector is that it only has vertical keystone adjustment. This means you should keep the surface very flat to enjoy the content in a pure square projection screen.

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    Additionally, it comes with two HDMI ports and a single USB port along with an SD card reader slot. However, the HDMI version is outdated, so don’t expect much clarity when plugged into your gaming console or set-top box.

    It is a very capable budget projector priced under Rs.6000 suited for home and personal uses.

    AffordableNo inbuilt Wi-Fi
    SD card support
    Built-in speakers

    EGATE i9

    (Best Budget)
    egate i9

    It is an affordable budget projector with decent picture quality and brightness levels. This device has almost the same design and layout as that of the Egate i9 real HD projector.

    It features a decent quality projection lamp with 1500 lumen brightness.

    This LED lamp has a rated life cycle of 30000 hours, which is quite impressive for a projector at this price segment. Additionally, the budget LED projector has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, which is nothing to write about much.

    The Egate i9 can be used to project visuals on a 120-inch screen, without much loss in clarity and color accuracy.

    In terms of projection features, it has a native projection resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. This is enough for smaller size projection screens inside a small room/office space. It can support playback resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, just like its higher-priced elder sibling.

    The quality of the visuals from this projector is decent, with a good amount of details and colors with limited screen sizes. It features two full-size USB ports, a single HDMI port, an SD card slot, a VGA port alongside the regular audio in, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

    Having options such as USB ports and SD card slot lets you play media directly from portable storage devices, rather than hooking up this projector with a DVD player.

    CheapLimited native resolution
    Side-mounted connectivity ports
    Excellent chassis ventilation

    There are other honorable mentions in projectors which are mentioned below:

    1. ViewSonic PA503S – Best for Office Use
    2. ViviBright C80 – Best Features
    3. Play PP006 – Budget Projector

    This concludes our list of the best projectors available in the Indian market.

    With the list ranging from expensive to super cheap projectors, we hope it gives you an idea of your choices and more.


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