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5 Best Alternatives For Camscanner That You Should Use


Here is a list of the top 5 applications that you can use as alternatives for Camscanner. These applications have been selected to offer services similar to Camscanner. They provide a number of features and while most are free, some are also paid.

- Updated: 10th Nov 2021, 07:05 IST
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    Best Alternatives for Camscanner
    • 1. Adobe Scan
    • 2. Microsoft Office Lens
    • 3. Google Drive
    • 4. TurboScan
    • 5. Tapscanner
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Popularly known as a “Portable Scanner”, Camscanner has been a favourite among its users for scanning documents. Its easy to use interface and variety of scanning options have made it a people’s favourite. The app, however, has been in controversies nowadays for all the wrong reasons. In this article, we will let you know what is the best 5 alternatives for camscanner.

The first controversy was when the application was removed from the Google Play Store as it did not abide by its policies. Following this incident, Camscanner made significant changes to meet the Google Play Store requirements. This helped it get reinstated by Google Play Store.

However, this was not the only controversy surrounding this amazing application. Next, Camscanner, along with 58 other apps, was banned by the Ministry of Information Technology of India for compromising its users’ data. Even though the application is now available on Google Play Store, if you are currently using this application, we recommend you to have at least one backup application, in case Camscanner gets banned again. And if you are already here to look for another scanner, you have come to the right place.

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Best Alternatives for Camscanner

Below is a list of the top 5 applications that you can use as alternatives for Camscanner. These applications have been selected to offer services similar to Camscanner. They provide a number of features and while most are free, some are also paid. 

1. Adobe Scan

What better application to switch to than the creator of the “.pdf” extension itself. It can scan many documents like ID cards, notes, receipts etc. Even more, it crops and removes the useless parts of the image automatically to provide a well cropped, enhanced image. These scanned documents can then be stored as pdf files or jpg images. The best part of this application is that it can even scan the text from any document and convert it into an editable format. 

2. Microsoft Office Lens

The second most recommended alternate scanner is the Microsoft Office Lens. It helps you scan whiteboard tables, diagrams, and even handwritten notes. After scanning, you can simply import them to your MS Word or other MS products. It even allows you to scan ID cards and OCR  and provides the facility of auto-cropping the extra space. After scanning, you can access the documents from OneNote or export them to the cloud or save them on the local device.

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3. Google Drive

Yes, you read it right. Besides being online cloud storage. Google Drive can be used to scan your documents through the plus button present for adding more files. This scanner is not as feature-packed as Camscanner but can act as a temporary alternative. 

4. TurboScan

TurboScan is another great alternative for Cascanner. It can scan different types of documents like printed pages, whiteboards, handwritten notes etc. The documents once scanned, can be stored as pdf, png or jpg files. It allows a user to scan multiple pages at a time and auto-crops the unnecessary parts of the image. It is overall a pretty simple and convenient application to use.

5. Tapscanner

The final application that can be used as an alternative to CamScanner is Tapscanner. It allows a user to take 3 photos simultaneously with a single click. It then creates a single image with great accuracy using these. You can then edit the images as per your needs and save them as PDFs, PNGs or JPGs. The best feature of this application, different from others is that it allows you to digitally sign the pdf files.


Camscanner seems to be an unreliable application nowadays because of the often bans. So, try to decide on an alternative application that you can use when it isn’t available. Do mention in the comment section which application you liked the best and also if you know about any other great applications.


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