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Easiest Method To Search Facebook Profile Without An Account


Facebook is the most widely used social media application among millennials. However, is it possible to search Facebook profiles without having a Facebook account? What if you’re looking for a particular event or location? Continue reading to find out.

- Updated: 8th Feb 2022, 13:45 IST
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    Look Up Facebook profile search without an account for complete anonymity
    • 1. Search Engines
    • 2. Social Search Engines
    • 3. People Search Engines
    • 4. Enlist the Help of Your Real-life Friends With Facebook Accounts
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Facebook is the most widely used social media application among millennials, so it’s tough to go for a Facebook profile search without an account. However, most of the younger generation who remains active on social media is not present or at least active. This is primarily because of the number of controversies surrounding the data hacking by Facebook.

So, if you wish to check anyone’s Facebook account but are not on Facebook and are not willing to create an account. You can follow these ways to look into someone’s Facebook account. This article will let you know how you can search Facebook profiles without an account.

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Look Up Facebook profile search without an account for complete anonymity

Earlier, Facebook allowed its users to look up any profile they wanted. However, to improve its security and privacy features, Facebook has changed its privacy policies. Now, people can check only certain aspects of someone’s profile, which they wish to show. Users can also hide their Facebook profiles from certain people if they want to. So, how can you check a person’s account without creating one yourself? Read further to know how to search Facebook profiles without an account.

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1. Search Engines

Search Facebook Profile

The best and simplest way for a Facebook profile search without an account is through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. If you want to search Facebook profiles only, you can even mention the site in your search description. For this purpose, you have to write the person’s name, followed by a site, colon and For example, Name site: This will help you view only the Facebook results of your name search.

However, if the user has hidden their profile from Google searches, in the visibility section of their account, you won’t find their profile here.

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2. Social Search Engines

Social Search Engines

Social Search engines are sites that use algorithms specifically designed to go through the information of individuals on their social media. The most popular of these search engines are Social Searcher and snitch. name. They can help you search Facebook profiles without an account.

Like general search engines, social search engines allow you to narrow down the scope of your search using various filters, including location information. This rapidly narrows your search to a particular region. Some social search engines also filter results based on hashtags and topics.

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3. People Search Engines


If you are not particularly searching Facebook profiles of individuals. You can use these search engines to find all the online information about them. Several people-finder services allow you to look for people and learn more about them. Their findings aren’t Facebook-specific but rather an amalgamation of everything their web crawlers can find out about a person.

These sites are beneficial, generally for finding long lost friends. Some of the best People Search Engines are, Pipl and PeopleFinder. Note that Pipl is a premium service that requires a monthly subscription. If you want to receive some basic information for free, go to PeopleFinder. While people search engines gather information from all around the internet, Facebook results prioritise those from other sites. However, it is dependent on your target’s privacy settings once again.

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4. Enlist the Help of Your Real-life Friends With Facebook Accounts

Search Facebook Profile

The most common and oldest option you have is asking any of your friends who have a Facebook account to search for that person. Even though outdated, this is still the easiest and most secure method for finding anyone on Facebook.

Honestly, you’ll probably receive the best results with this strategy if you want to search your Facebook profile, especially if the individual helping you are a Facebook friend of your target. Again, the privacy settings will determine how much information you have access to. And, more often than not, you’ll see more than you would if you searched from the outside. This method, like the others, isn’t perfect to search Facebook profiles. However, if you’re not being creepy or stalking someone, looking up someone’s Facebook profile without an account is your best option.

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Yes, you can follow these simple methods to find your friends and search Facebook profiles without an account. However, remember that each process is influenced and dictated by your friend’s privacy settings on Facebook. So, if they have a secure account with most data hidden, you may not be able to find them, and the best option would be to straight up go to them to get their id.

However, do try these methods once if you want to and let us know in the comment section if you liked them and if they worked for you. Follow us for more such tricks and ideas. 

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  • Although Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites on the planet, it is not used by everyone.
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