Cell-phones have become an integral part of our lives in these times. In addition to using cell phones for calling purposes, we store a wide range of data in them which is at times very much sensitive such as personal pictures, videos, bank account information, etc. which demand higher security to safeguard our data. The different kind of security options are explained below:

Password Unlock

This is the most efficient way to secure our cell-phones as there is nothing more complex than a password. Moreover, it is very much difficult to guess a password is set correctly. We can use a large combination of letters, numerals and symbols. 

The letters can be used in both lower as well as in the upper case. To create a complex password it should necessarily belong, the mixture of characters, avoiding common words and keyboard sequels as these are easy to guess. The only disadvantage of password unlock is that it can be cumbersome to enter the long and complex password each time.

Fingerprint Unlock

It is seen in almost every touch phone, either on the rare side or on the home button and recently in-display fingerprint sensors have been introduced in many phones. It is most liked by the users as it works fast and is unique to a person. Nowadays payments are also done with the help of fingerprint confirmation which makes it unsafe for use. To get increased protection, it should be used along with a pin, pattern or password.

Face Unlock

It is the latest addition to the security options recently introduced by Apple. This is the fastest way to unlock a cell-phone as we need to put it in front of us to unlock it instantly. The front camera of the cell-phone emits infra-red radiations and captures the structure of the face which is used for verification next time when we look into the camera to unlock. 

The disadvantage is that it can be fooled by a look-alike person or by a picture of the owner though rarely, but still it poses a risk to our privacy. Also sometimes, it may fail to recognise the power in low light.

Smart Lock

It is an additional feature in android phones and it seems to be more convenient than other options. Smart lock is used along with the most secure method i.e, password unlock. It keeps the cell-phone unlocked at particular times eg.while connected to wifi, Bluetooth device or while in our pocket or touching our body. Apart from these moments, the cell-phone gets locked and to unlock, a pre-set password needs to be entered.


The most simple and easy method to access our cell-phones and hence very low secure. Studies reveal that in the current times 28% of people use this option in their cell-phones just because of its simplicity and speed which in turn puts the privacy at stake.

Pattern Unlock

The patterns can be simple as well as complex, depending upon our concern about our privacy. The complex patterns may take time to unlock a cell-phone but are recommended for security purposes. Simple patterns are easy to guess.It is better to draw a logo instead of drawing letters and numerals.

Pin Lock

It is most widely used because it is easy to remember and enter. But the efficiency of a pin depends on its length and complexity. The pin must be a combination of different numbers and a minimum length of 6 digits.