Fast charging allows you to power-up your smartphones within no time and nowadays it’s the popular features among most of the devices available in the market. Every charger does not support the same standards and every smartphone does not support the same fast charging. 

For increasing the amount of potential energy into your device and to make fast charging possible, manufacturers either change the voltage or raise the amps. Most fast charging standards vary voltage dynamically rather than raising the amps. Here volt is a measure of voltage, the amp is a measure of current and watt is a measure of electric power. 

For conventional charging the chargers are mainly 5.0V and 1A, representing the ordinary charging rate. Some chargers support charging up to 5.0V and 2.4A easily, but when it comes to fast charging there are smartphones supporting 5.0V/9.0V/12.0V and more than 3.0A. 

Fast Charging Types

Qualcomm Quick Charge 

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge is the fastest charging standard. This is due to the wide range of chipsets made by Qualcomm. While raising the amps, Quick Charge 4+ narrows the voltage and uses USB-C ports along with a second power management chip enabling power delivery up to 28V without overheating. The time taken for charging from 0 to 50% is 15 minutes and compatible with Xiaomi smartphones.

MediaTek Pump Express

MediaTek is one more company manufacturing the processors for smartphones and the smartphones powered by MediaTek follow the Pump Express standards of the company. The latest standard Pump Express 4.0 supports USB power delivery 3.0 and 5A of current with better heat management and better efficiency. The time taken for charging the smartphone up to 75% is 30 minutes and compatible with all the devices featuring MediaTek Helio P60 processor.  

Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging

This adaptive fast charging can charge other Micro USB devices even without the fast charging feature at 2 Amp charging rate and the chargers from Samsung are better in quality and long-lasting as well. The time taken for fast charging is 40 minutes for 50% charging. This type of fast charging supports 5V/2A for old Micro USB smartphones and 5V/3A, 9V/2A for C type USB along with compatibility for all Samsung phones. 

Oppo Super VOOC

VOOC Flash Charging is Oppo’s proprietary rapid-charging technology along with a thermal management chip for keeping the temperature low during charging and preventing overheating. This fast charging technology operates at 5V/4A and the time taken for 75% charging is 30 minutes along with compatibility for Oppo F and R series. 

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging was first introduced by Apple. For wireless charging, you must make sure that the wireless charging pad and your smartphone along with the wall adapter support similar quick charging standards. If case you lose one of them, wireless charging won’t work. This type of charging supports 5V/0.8A and the charging time varies with companies. The smartphones compatible with this type of charging are from Samsung, Oppo, and Apple etc.