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What Are ChatGPT Plugins & How To Use It?


ChatGPT is already a powerful AI tool that has revolutionized the way we use the internet and is one of the most popular AI tools in the market. Here we discuss how to use Plugins within ChatGPT to make it the ultimate tool for office work, or even general queries.

- Updated: 15th Feb 2024, 13:13 IST
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    What are ChatGPT Plugins?
    • How to Use ChatGPT Plugins?
    • What are Some Popular ChatGPT Plugins?
    • 1. Prompt Perfect
    • 2. Zapieir
    • 3. Canva
    • 4. VoxScript
    • 5. Speak

ChatGPT has gained quite popularity in the last few months with AI being at the forefront of innovation. Chat GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer and is a large language model chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in late November 2022. The AI has been trained on massive datasets of text with the task of coding to generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content, and answer any questions in an informative way.

Today, we will aim to discuss the vast potential beyond the core functionalities of this AI chatbot. We’ll delve into the exciting realm of tools that act as catalysts, amplifying the capabilities and opening new avenues for interaction and utility. 

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What are ChatGPT Plugins?

Plugins are essentially software “power-ups” that add specific features and functionalities to existing programs. Imagine them to be add-ons that seamlessly integrate with the host program, enriching its capabilities without altering its core structure. In the context of ChatGPT, the Plugins will allow the user to make use of the tool for further tasks, some of which might not have been possible on the basic version of the OpenAI model.

Plugins are a great addition to any software since they let you tailor the application to your specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, they help gain new possibilities and features within the host program. Additionally, they save you time and effort by avoiding the need for separate programs or complex coding.

How to Use ChatGPT Plugins?

To get Plugins on ChatGPT, the first thing you need is a Plus account for ChatGPT since the option to toggle on the setting for plugins is locked behind the Plus functions. So, to get started, go to the ChatGPT website, and click on the ChatGPT 3.5 icon and you will be presented with two other options. These are namely ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team. Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus first.

Step 1: Locate your account name in the bottom right corner of the home screen and click on it.

Step 2: Access Settings & Beta, then proceed to the Beta features tab.

Step 3: Turn on the Plugins slider and confirm acceptance of the ‘About Plugins’ message.

enable ChatGPT Plugins beta feature

Step 4: Access the prompt creation interface and opt for the GPT-4 slider. A dropdown menu will appear, allowing you to switch between different versions of the GPT-4 model.

Step 5: You will see certain options in the drop-down menu. Select Plugins [Beta].

ChatGPT Plugins

Step 6: Beneath the model selector, locate a dropdown labelled “No plugins enabled” to access the ChatGPT Plugin store.

Step 7: Explore the ChatGPT Plugin store to find your desired plugin, and initiate the installation by clicking the corresponding button. 

ChatGPT Plugin library

Do note that certain plugins may necessitate sign-up and acceptance of their terms of service. Now, In the “No plugins enabled” dropdown, choose the plugin you wish to add.

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1. Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect ChatGPT

Prompt Perfect is a powerful extension that helps you turn your basic inquiries into detailed specifications for the AI. Be it a seasoned user or a starter for the AI, this plugin can dramatically improve the quality and informativeness of ChatGPT’s responses.

It’s quite simple. The Plugin simply begin by typing your desired prompt, like “Write a 300-word story about the Airbus A320.” Then, all you need to do is add the word “perfect” followed by your prompt. Prompt Perfect does the rest, seamlessly rewriting your query behind the scenes to incorporate rich details and context. This empowers ChatGPT to generate responses that are more specific, accurate, and in line with your original prompt.

The beauty of Prompt Perfect lies in its simplicity. Its user-friendly interface requires no additional configuration – just install and start reaping the benefits. With just a few keystrokes, you can unlock ChatGPT’s full potential and unleash a torrent of insightful and engaging content. 

2. Zapieir

Zapieir ChatGPT plugin extension

The next Plug-in is mainly meant for busy professionals and marketers, in the form of Zapier. By integrating ChatGPT with the plug-in, you as a user can unlock an amazing duo, eliminating tedious tasks and maximizing efficiency. Zapier allows you to have seamless connectivity to over 5,000 popular work apps, including Gmail, Outlook, and Slack, empowering you to interact with them directly within ChatGPT’s interface. 

With a simple one-time connection and action approval, you gain an incredible level of control. Zapier empowers you to craft entire emails, draft detailed Slack messages, and even trigger specific actions right from ChatGPT. From basic tasks like drafting dummy emails to complex things, Zapier can do it all. You can easily ditch the app hopping you have been used to over the years with the convenience of Zapier.

3. Canva

Canva ChatGPT extension

Graphic design enthusiasts rejoice!  Canva has finally announced a dedicated plugin for ChatGPT, allowing you to effortlessly generate social media posts and captivating videos for platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok. All you need to do is describe your vision in ChatGPT, and the plugin gets to work and does its magic, crafting unique content tailored to your needs.

Website design becomes a breeze too, with the plugin conjuring up templates based on your descriptive prompts. You can also edit the generated content, as a simple click takes you directly to Canva’s familiar interface, where you can unleash your inner design guru. 

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4. VoxScript

VoxScript ChatGPT Plugin

VoxScript is the next plug-in on the list. It allows you to improve your ChatGPT capabilities with valuable enhancements., It gained popularity due to its ability to retrieve YouTube video details and, most impressively, generate comprehensive transcripts in seconds. All you need to do is drop a YouTube URL and request a transcript. 

VoxScript seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT to deliver the transcript alongside video details and view count. The plug-in also searches for data sources and retrieves Google search results, enriching your analysis.

5. Speak

Speak ChatGPT

For language enthusiasts and professionals, Speak is the latest ChatGPT plugin. As its name aptly suggests, Speak lets users master pronunciation and expression across diverse languages.

Going beyond mere translation, Speak also focuses on the intricacies of verb conjugations, grammar, and other linguistic complexities. All you need to do is send your language-related query, which makes the plugin deliver responses through ChatGPT.

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