Breaking Bad can be considered as one of the most revered TV series of all time. We can’t deny that the drama, suspense and the hype it created around itself is something of a legend itself. Even 5 years after the historic show ended, quotes and dialogues from some of the most epic moments in the show are still used around the world.

This makes one wonder though. What kind of phones would Breaking Bad characters have if they had been in the real world? Let’s find out

Walter White

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For a man as meticulous and deadly as Walter White it would seem that it is only fair that he will be using a burner phone like a Motorola Razr or perhaps the flip phones from Samsung. Walt doesn’t care about owning flashy stuff but he did buy himself a Chrysler and bought his son a Dodge Challenger. So maybe down the line, he might get himself an iPhone XS Max? Who knows.

Skyler White

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Skyler has been a total bummer in the show with her antics and her always nosing around in Walt’s business. We can think of another device that is quite good at snooping on other people’s business. Skyler will most likely be using the OnePlus 5, which was said to send user data to OnePlus servers without the permission of that person. What a great match that would be!

Gus Fring

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As meticulous and deadly as Walter, Gus Fring was the most unique character on the series. Running a multi-million dollar meth empire isn’t very easy, and you would always need to stay under the radar. Perhaps a single BlackBerry Bold 2 would be good for Fring so that all his messaging needs with Mexican cartel are complete while staying low under the radar.

Jesse Pinkman

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Jesse was all about the bling bling bling, and represented the total hipster youth that is hiding in all of us. He is the kind of guy to spend 10,000 dollars on an Armani suit while sporting a 50,000 dollar Rolex. We bet that Pinkman would get the Gold iPhone XS Max worth $1,499 and show it off proudly.

Michael Ehrmantraut

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Mike is a guy of simple taste. He likes to buy stuff for his granddaughter Kaylie and he has never once believed in flashing a lot of money even when he is sitting on millions. Old that he already is, we believe that Mike can be easily satisfied with a Nokia 3310. However, he is sure to get his granddaughter the best phone out there so we can assume that an iPhone XR, which comes in a variety of new colors is a perfect choice.