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Where to Buy Xbox Series X in India?


Are you hoping to be lucky enough to buy Xbox Series X in India this year? Want to be a part of the future generation without spending a fortune? Pick up the Xbox Series X if only the best will suffice, but expect to pay a hefty amount.


- Updated: 25th May 2023, 17:59 IST
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    Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S
    • Xbox Series X price in India: Game bundles
    • Game Load time
    • Where to Buy Xbox Series X in India?

The Xbox Series X brought the year 2021 to a close with a bang! Unfortunately, it is pretty challenging to buy Xbox Series X in India due to distribution issues, and Microsoft has not remarked on the situation. We keep our fingers crossed on the Flipkart and Amazon pages hoping to be the lucky one to buy Xbox Series X in India! The Xbox Series X price in India is ₹49,990 whereas the Xbox Series S price in India is ₹34,990. Restocking the Xbox Series X isn’t going to be easier any time soon. Finding an Xbox Series X has been a bit of a challenge during the last 12 months. It is speculated that midway through 2022, the situation may improve.

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Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S

Microsoft may have a point here. The Xbox Series X is a behemoth of a console that ushers us into the next era of gaming. Based on what we’ve seen so far, people are lured to the Xbox Series X’s sheer capability. However, don’t forget the benefits of the less expensive model. Both are effective and can cater to different audiences. By providing two consoles that cater to diverse groups, consumers will have additional options and methods to participate in the Xbox ecosystem.

CategoriesXbox Series XXbox Series S
CPU8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU @ 3.8GHz (3.6GHz with SMT Enabled)8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU @ 3.6GHz (3.4GHz with SMT Enabled)
GPUAMD RDNA 2 GPU 52 CUs @ 1.825GHzAMD RDNA 2 GPU 20 CUs @ 1.565GHz
Performance TargetTarget 4K @ 60 FPS. Up to 8K. Up to 120 FPSTarget 1440p @ 60 FPS. Up to 120 FPS
Storage1TB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD (2.4GB/sec uncompressed, 4.8GB/sec compressed)512GB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD (2.4GB/sec uncompressed, 4.8GB/sec compressed)
Free space for games802GB364GB
Expandable Storage1TB Expansion Card1TB Expansion Card
Backward Compatibility“Thousands” of Xbox One, Xbox 360, original Xbox games. Xbox One accessories.“Thousands” of Xbox One, Xbox 360, original Xbox games. Xbox One accessories.
Disc Drive4K UHD Blu-rayNone
Display OutHDMI 2.1HDMI 2.1

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Xbox Series X price in India: Game bundles

Some of the most popular games are frequently released alongside a new console. FIFA 21, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are among the games being released this year.

We already know that Microsoft has partnered with Electronic Arts to add over 60 of EA’s most popular titles to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which grants you access to over 100 games saved in the cloud.

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Game Load time

The Xbox Series X and Series S are excellent next-generation consoles with graphical technology that exceeds what is currently available. That’s expected with a new console generation, but what’s different this time is that both Microsoft and Sony have put solid-state drives in their new systems with the PlayStation 5.

Since the original Xbox in 2001, most recent consoles have launched with substantially slower hard drives than these latest consoles. SSDs are far faster than traditional hard drives when it comes to loading data. So we decided to compare the loading speeds of the 2 Xboxes.

GamesXbox Series XXbox One X
CoD: Warzone16 seconds21 seconds
Red Dead Redemption 252 seconds1 min, 35 seconds
The Outer Worlds6 seconds27 seconds
Evil Within 233 seconds43 seconds
Sea of Thieves20 seconds1 min, 21 seconds
Warframe25 seconds1 min, 31 seconds
AC: Odyssey30 seconds1 min, 7 seconds
No Man’s Sky1 min, 27 seconds2 mins, 13 seconds
Destiny 243 seconds1 min, 52 seconds

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Where to Buy Xbox Series X in India?

If you are planning to buy the exclusive Xbox series X but are thinking about where you can buy Xbox Series X in India or the Xbox Series X price in India. Don’t worry; we are here for you.

Buy Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X pricing in India is ₹49,990, whereas the Xbox Series S price in India is ₹34,990. Typically, the city’s offline stores have bots set up to purchase these consoles as soon as they become available on the websites. However, some players are fortunate enough to get beyond Amazon’s payment page. For a long time, this has been a typical occurrence among gamers. Tech enthusiasts like Sony and Microsoft usually fulfil customers’ wishes in approximately a year. The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak created various production concerns for console manufacturers this time.

Here’s a list of merchants from where you can buy Xbox Series X in India:

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