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Women’s Day 2024: 8 Best Women’s Safety Apps In India


With International Women’s Day approaching on March 8, it’s that time of year when we honour women who have made significant contributions to society. It’s also a good moment to think about the significant obstacles that stand in the way of women’s empowerment and liberation. Among these difficulties, women’s safety and security remain the most significant impediment to women’s independence. Here, have a look at the best women safety apps in India.

- Updated: 2nd May 2024, 11:32 IST
  • 1
    8 Best Women Safety Apps In India
    • 1. 112 India
    • 2. My Safetipin
    • 3. Sheroes
    • 4. bSafe
    • 5. Smart 24×7
    • 6. Shake2Safety
    • 7. Himmat
    • 8. I’m Safe
  • 2
    • Are there any apps for women’s safety?
    • Is Suraksha app only for women?
    • How can a woman keep herself safe?
    • Why use safety apps?
    • What is the women safety Group in India?
    • What is the Rakshak women safety app?
    • Which city is best for women’s safety in India?

In today’s world, women’s safety is a significant concern, particularly in India, where robbery, sexual assault, rape, and other forms of domestic abuse are common. So, in order to protect women from such horrible acts, one must first identify resources like the best safety apps that may be called upon in an emergency to rescue them from any risky circumstance.

Today’s women may benefit from a plethora of software for women’s safety and security available on cell phones. These applications, which women use for added security, allow them to make emergency calls or communicate directly with their relatives and friends.

Staying at home in the current shifting environment, when women have demonstrated their ability in every aspect of the professional arena, is no longer an option. But how can we go about our daily lives if we are always worried about our own safety? Pepper spray and self-defence lessons are viable choices, but they are insufficient. Anywhere and at any moment, women can be followed and harmed.

Here are the eight best Safety apps for the security of women. This article is dedicated to all the women trying to combat any risky situation this International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day has been honoured since the early 1900s, a period of considerable upheaval in the industrialised world marked by rapid population increase and the advent of extremist ideologies.

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8 Best Women Safety Apps In India

Women’s safety has long been a serious concern across the globe. Several programmes have been implemented to ensure that women feel comfortable leaving their homes. One of them is the development of applications that make women feel safer than they have in the past. Various applications promise to assure women’s safety. In honour of International Women’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of the best women’s safety apps.

1. 112 India

Best safety apps in India for women's security- 112 India

The Central Government of India has launched 112 India, an all-in-one women’s security app that can be used to issue an SOS alert with only a single tap in any situation. The service is available on both Android and iOS devices in 23 states and Union Territories. To use this app, users must first register, and it is simple to use. Its primary goal is to offer women in trouble a single number to call in an emergency. 112 India is one of the best safety apps available right now.

Key Features

  • An audio/visual media is used to deliver the emergency alarm.
  • This application is so efficient that you may use it anytime.
  • It integrates with existing emergency services with ease.
  • Additionally, it also aids in the investigation of the events.

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Download Here

2. My Safetipin

My Safetipin safety apps in India

My Safetipin is yet another of the best safety apps for women’s security. This online software application employs data mapping techniques to help women feel secure in public places. Its goal is to make cities safer by making data available to consumers via technological tools and applications. Lighting, openness, security guards, pathway, public transportation, gender usage, and emotion are the nine characteristics utilised by the app to determine safety in a given region. 

Key Features

  • If you choose the incorrect path, your loved ones will be alerted.
  • It allows you to determine the safest path.
  • If you enter the area with a poor safety score, it will notify your family.
  • It allows you to see neighbouring hospitals, stores, and other amenities.

Download Here

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3. Sheroes

Best 5 safety apps in India for women's security: Sheroes

Sheroes is the leading social networking and unique app for women, where they can share their passions through videos as well as posts, get career advice, use the free women’s helpline, find and share recipes, make some new friends, get free legal advice, and beauty tips, discover the perfect work from home opportunities, work remotely with top companies, and explore reselling.

Key Features

  • It is accessible for free on both the iOS and Android marketplaces.
  • user-friendly interface
  • Assists you in finding physicians or specialists in your profession.
  • Allows you to securely exchange photographs and videos.
  • It assists you in keeping track of your periods.

Download Here

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4. bSafe

bSafe safety app for women

Next in the category of the best safety apps is the bSafe. Women’s safety and security are ensured through the bSafe app. It both prevents crimes such as violence, sexual assaults, and rape and provides proof in situations that have already occurred. Voice activation, live streaming, audio/video recording, false call, and follow me, together with location and tracking, ensure that women are always safe. It’s available on both the iOS and Android app stores.

Key Features

  • It allows you to send an SOS signal with a single push of the button.
  • You may use it to capture and broadcast emergency footage.
  • It delivers live locations to your loved ones.
  • You can also make phone calls to get yourself out of a bad position.

Download Here

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5. Smart 24×7

Women's day: best app for women's security-Smart24x7

My personal favourite is the Smart24x7. This is the best safety app for women. It definitely stands out from the crowd. It’s a one-of-a-kind software that allows a person in distress to communicate with loved ones while also receiving quick support from a 24-hour customer service centre.

Key Features

  • It’s accessible on both the Apple and Android app stores.
  • One may send emergency alerts to relatives and friends, as well as contact neighbouring fire, police, and ambulance services.
  • When the user taps the PANIC button, messages will be sent to up to 5 main contacts, regardless of their phone model.
  • SMS will be delivered to them if GPRS is not available.
  • The Smart 24×7 Customer Care Centre will also call the user right away.

Download Here

6. Shake2Safety


Shake2Safety is again one of the best women’s safety apps in India. This app has a very user-friendly interface and can be used in case of an accident, harassment, robbery or any natural calamities. All you need is to shake the phone or even press the power button four times and the app will send an SOS text or call to the registered numbers. Furthermore, you don’t need an internet connection to use this app. Also, the app works with a locked screen too.

Key Features

  • Can be used on both Android and iOS
  • Works even without an internet connection or with a locked screen
  • Simply, press the power button four times to send an SOS text to the registered numbers

Download Here

7. Himmat

himmat app

Finally, we have Himmat on our list of the best women’s safety apps in India. The app has been launched by the Delhi police, especially for women who travel late at night. The user needs to register themselves on the Delhi police website, after which an OTP will be sent to complete the authentication process. This is done just one time.

Once the registration is completed, the app can be used to send an SOS alert to the registered numbers and one alert with audio & video transmission is even sent to the police control room.

Key Features

  • Launched by the Delhi police
  • Sends SOS to friends, and relatives and audio & video transmission to the police control room

Download Here

8. I’m Safe

I'm safe app

Are you looking for a women’s safety app that’s user-friendly, reliable, and secure? Look no further than I’m Safe. This easy-to-use app is designed to keep women safe at all times, with features that can be used daily or during life-threatening situations.

Moreover, it comes with a Track Me feature that provides added safety and security when you are on a morning walk or during your everyday commute. Thus, allowing your loved ones to keep tabs on your whereabouts and ensuring that you can quickly receive help if needed.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Track Me feature

Download Here

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Are there any apps for women’s safety?

Yes, apps such as “I’m Safe” are designed specifically to enhance women’s safety. This app features easy-to-use daily safety tools and a Track Me option for added security during activities like morning walks or commutes. It’s designed to help women feel safe and secure in their daily lives.

Is Suraksha app only for women?

Yes, the Suraksha app is specifically designed for women. Developed by the Bengaluru police, it provides various safety features to assist women in emergencies, ensuring their security with quick access to help.

How can a woman keep herself safe?

Women can enhance their personal safety by remaining vigilant and aware of their surroundings. This means paying attention to what’s happening around them and being prepared to react quickly to any potential threats, thereby improving their ability to stay safe.

Why use safety apps?

Safety apps are crucial for providing immediate access to emergency assistance, particularly for students. They act as a direct link to help and resources, offering a quick way to reach out in case of emergencies, thus enhancing user safety.

What is the women safety Group in India?

India has several organizations dedicated to helping women who have faced violence. These include the International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC), My Choices Foundation, Sayodhya Home, ActionAid Association India, and Majlis Law. These groups provide essential services such as legal aid and support to affected women.

What is the Rakshak women safety app?

The Rakshak women safety app is designed as a one-button solution for emergencies, particularly for women and senior citizens. In a crisis, pressing the button sends an SMS with the user’s location to designated contacts and initiates an emergency voice call, providing swift aid.

Which city is best for women’s safety in India?

Chennai is recognized as the safest city for working women in India, due to effective government initiatives and active involvement of local organizations focused on women’s safety. This makes it a preferred city for women seeking a secure working environment.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The safety of women has always been a significant issue across the globe.
  • Both pepper spray and self-defence classes are reasonable options, but none is sufficient. Women can be followed and harmed at any time and in any place.
  • Here are the eight best safety apps that might help women feel safer.

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