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iPhone 16: My Wishlist For The Cutting-Edge Features


The iPhone has evolved a lot over the years, but some features are still missing. Let’s explore with the iPhone 16, which advancement we can expect.

- Updated: 5th Mar 2024, 16:26 IST
  • 1
    Size Changes
  • 2
    Periscope Camera
  • 3
    Additional Capacitive Button
  • 4
    Action Button
  • 5
    Brand-New Chipset
  • 6
    Improved Battery
  • 7
    ProMotion Technology
  • 8
    The iPhone 16 Ultra
  • 9
    What Is Still Missing In iPhone And What I Want In iPhone 16
    • Reverse Wireless Charging
    • Personalised Always-On Display
    • Enhanced Siri Integration
    • USB-C Port
    • Expandable Storage
    • Foldable Display Technology
    • Price Accessibility
  • 10
    Epilogue – What I Expect In The iPhone 16

We are just a few months away from the launch of iPhone 16. The iPhone is Apple’s flagship product. With every iteration, it pushes the innovation boundaries and tries its best to bring new features and capabilities to users globally.

As we all are eagerly waiting for the release of the Apple iPhone 16, there are a few features that all users have been longing for, including me.

Let’s discuss the features/improvements I expect in this upcoming Apple flagship product.

However, before diving deep into these features, let us briefly talk about what rumours suggest about this upcoming release.

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Size Changes

Size Changes

The first and most significant changes will be in size. Per the leaks, the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will maintain the exact 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screen sizes, respectively.

However, it is expected that the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature increased screen sizes of 6.2-inch and 6.9-inch, respectively.

Therefore, it clearly indicates that the weight of the smartphone could be increased. The reason behind it is simple. Rumours suggest that the new Pro models will be wider and taller than the iPhone 15 Pro.

Periscope Camera

Periscope Camera - iPhone 16

The iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max are expected to come with periscope lenses. There is a high chance that the 16 Pro gets a lens similar to the 15 Pro Max. However, the iPhone 16 Pro Max could come with a brand-new periscope lens with remarkable optical zoom abilities and focal length improvements.

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Additional Capacitive Button

Additional Capacitive Button - iPhone 16

The internet is flooded with rumours that the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max could feature an extra capacitive button. This button will sit right below the power button where the 5G antenna is placed in the existing model. On the flip side, the 5G antenna is expected to move. Where? Under the volume button!

Action Button

Action Button - iPhone 16

The action button is featured in the recently launched iPhone 15 Pro series. In 2024, there is a high chance that the comprehensive iPhone 16 series could come with the Action button. Everything is good until now. However, I want to make one crucial point: it would be good if Apple added more functionalities to the Action button. It is much needed, right?

Brand-New Chipset

Brand-New Chipset - iPhone 16

The Apple iPhone 16 series will get the A18 Pro chipset, per the leaks. TSMC develops the chipset. An A18 Pro could power the 16 Pro, and an A18 series chipset could power the standard 16 series. Of course, the manufacturing procedure will remain the same for the A18 SoC and A18 Pro SoC, but the A18 Pro chipset could come with an additional GPU.

Improved Battery

Improved Battery - iPhone 16

The next leak regarding it is that its Pro model could have a stacked battery. It can provide you with a longer battery life and life expectancy. The stacked batteries will come with a quicker 40W wired charging. Besides, it could feature 20W MagSafe wireless charging.

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ProMotion Technology

ProMotion Technology - iPhone 16

There is a high chance that the iPhone 16 introduce ProMotion technology. It will provide smoother scrolling and more responsive touch input. Rumours suggest that Apple could integrate Touch ID. It will provide users with an alternative biometric authentication method.

The iPhone 16 Ultra

Apple may launch the iPhone 16 Ultra with its four iPhone 16 models. This Ultra model could feature extra camera improvement, a larger display, and a portless design.

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What Is Still Missing In iPhone And What I Want In iPhone 16

iPhone 16

Although Apple constantly innovates with each iPhone launch, some features are still missing. At least, I am expecting Apple to include these features in its upcoming release – the Apple iPhone 16.

Reverse Wireless Charging

Reverse Wireless Charging - iPhone 16

Various flagship smartphones provide reverse wireless charging features, which is missing in existing iPhones. Reverse wireless charging allows users to charge other devices wirelessly using their smartphones. This could be the welcoming feature of the iPhone 16.

Personalised Always-On Display

Always-On Display - iPhone 16

In iPhones, the Always-On Display feature is available but lacks customisation options. The customised Always-On Display feature lets other users personalise their Always-On Display with notifications, wallpapers, and widgets.

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Enhanced Siri Integration

Enhanced Siri Integration - iPhone 16

Siri has improved significantly over the years. However, it still lags behind other virtual assistants regarding reliability and functionality. If Apple makes more effort to improve Siri’s capabilities and integrate it with third-party apps, it could become a more valuable tool for users.

USB-C Port

Users all across the globe appreciated Apple’s transition to USB-C on its iPads and laptops. How about bringing it to the iPhone 16? Well, it will standardise the charging process across all Apple devices and open up more possibilities for quicker data transfer and accessory compatibility.

Expandable Storage

Yes, iPhones still lack it. Due to this, it restricts users, and they have to rely on cloud storage or opt for the higher-priced models along with more internal storage. Apple can introduce an expandable storage option through microSD support. It will surely give users more flexibility and choice.

Foldable Display Technology

Foldable Display Technology - iPhone 16

If Apple introduces foldable display technology in its upcoming launches, it will provide users with more versatility and functionality.

Price Accessibility

I firmly believe that Apple can make iPhones more accessible to a broader range of consumers through competitive pricing or alternative financing options. It would make sure that the advanced technology is available to everyone.

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Epilogue – What I Expect In The iPhone 16

In a nutshell, the iPhone 16 could be the game-changer. As the leaks suggest, it will come with advanced technologies and innovative features. So, it will truly redefine the user experience.

Hopefully, what is missing in the iPhone to date will come with its upcoming release. If what I am expecting turns into reality, the Apple iPhone 16 will certainly shape the mobile technology future for years to come.

In the comment section below, let me know what features you want from this forthcoming high-end Apple product.

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Highlights of the Story

• iPhone 16 will be on the market in a few months, but the leaks have already started popping up.
• Improved camera, brand-new SOC, better-quality design, and whatnot!
• This article highlights a few missing features in the iPhone and could be a welcoming addition to the upcoming iPhone 16.