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Apple iPhone 16 Camera Features You Cannot Miss


Apple’s iPhone 16 series is set to join the long list of flagships for 2024 with a launch in the coming months. Today, we take a look at the top camera features expected to accompany Apple’s latest and greatest.

- Updated: 3rd Apr 2024, 03:16 IST
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    Top Apple iPhone 16 Camera Features You Cannot Miss!
    • New Spatial Photos and Videos Feature Expected!
    • What Else Do We Know About the iPhone 16?
    • iPhone 16 Camera Design Leaks

The Year 2024 has been packed with tech announcements untill now with new announcements that were made at CES and MWC. Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S24 line of smartphones that are packed with impressive AI features and are fun to use. With all brands focussing more on adding AI features to their devices, this year we should see tech launches focussed more on AI.

With everyone starting to talk about the newest offering from Apple this year, the iPhone 16 is something we all are waiting for. The device is set to make obvious improvements in performance, software and cameras. But the thing to look out for is what Apple does in the AI space. We can expect some fun yet innovative AI features with the new iPhone that can improve the camera experience.

Here are some of the upcoming Apple iPhone 16 camera features that we expect and should make their way to the final release in September 2024.

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Top Apple iPhone 16 Camera Features You Cannot Miss!

Apple iPhone 16 camera

A recent leak by renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo unveils some of the anticipated improvements that Apple has planned for its iPhone release in 2024. A recent leaked image of the iPhone showcased a new vertical camera alignment, which is a major design change. This new setup is also expected to feature a bunch of new camera technology with new camera hardware that will make photography fun again on the iPhone.

Notably, the iPhone is expected to adopt the tetraprism telephoto lens technology currently exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This will allow a significant improvement in zoom capabilities, potentially offering superior zoom performance which might hit the 10x mark hopefully with focal length of over 300mm.

Furthermore, the iPhone 16 Pro is expected to undergo a substantial bump in screen size, boasting a larger 6.27-inch display compared to the previous 6.1-inch display. This can be achieved by trimming down the bezels even further and slightly increasing the form factor.

In addition to these changes, the standard 12-megapixel ultrawide-camera is due for a major upgrade, which we can see transforming into a high-resolution 48-megapixel sensor with a larger 0.7µm pixel size. Despite this, the camera will continue to output 12-megapixel images via pixel binning technology.

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New Spatial Photos and Videos Feature Expected!

Apple iPhone 16

As per a source on Weibo known for accurately disclosing Apple’s plans, there is speculation about a new variant of iPhone 16 lineup apart for the standart 16, 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max. It is worth noting that this new device could incorporate a some new technologies that might be exclusive to this variant. Similar to what Sasmsung is doing with the Ultra lineup that offers ultra premium, top of the line specifications.

The new iPhone 16 variant which could be called ‘Ultra’ might feature the ability to capture spatial photos and videos. This functionality aligns with the Vision Pro headset, which relies on cameras to capture immersive 3D content.

Reportedly, the camera setup of the new rumoured “iPhone 16 Ultra” model expected to feature a new Apple A18 Pro chipset that will deliver exceptional performance and might also enable AI abilities with the new iPhone.

What Else Do We Know About the iPhone 16?

Apple iPhone 16

Some new reports revealed insights into a bump in battery capacities for the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup. The leak indicated that the standard iPhone 16 will be backed by a 3561 mAh battery, while the larger iPhone 16 Plus may see a slightly smaller to 4006 mAh, compared to the current 4383 mAh offering.

But since there are no reports for a battery bump with the iPhone 16 Pro variants, it might remain unchanged. But the Pro max variant might see some battery capacity increase.

Comparing the battery capacity with many popular Android smartphone manufacturers that tend to equip their devices with 4000mAh being standard across the board. While we can see 5000mAh battery packs in some mid-range devices that focus more on battery endurance that the portability.

Unfortunately, the absence of a standardized mAh measurement across the industry makes direct comparisons between iPhone and Android devices somewhat challenging. Additionally, with a newer chipset which ought to be more efficient in performance and lower battery consumption. This is what has kept the recent iPhones winning the battery endurance tests compared to Android smartphones featuring 20-30% more on-paper capacity specifications.

iPhone 16 Camera Design Leaks

Rumours surrounding the iPhone 16’s camera design have gained traction with a recent leaked Twitter image. These new leaks/reports suggest a new vertical camera layout design. This seems almost confirmed by multiple sources and now we have seen images showing similar leaks. But this new vertical camera module design is somewhat similar to what we have seen with the recent Samsung S24 series of smartphones.

This new vertical arrangement of camera modules is unique and last we saw this arrangement was on the iPhone X. This shift potentially paves the way for Spatial Video recording on the standard iPhone 16 model, a feature currently limited to the Pro variants. Also, the Pro and Pro Max variants might see a new camera module design and should align with this new vertical arrangement since those devices are expected to feature a triple camera setup.

Additionally, some leaked images suggest this year we might see 5 variants of iPhones, which include iPhone 16 Ultra, iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. While these leaks offer insights into Apple’s potential plans, but as we get closer to launch, i.e September 2024, we might get more information regarding the iPhone 16.

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