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AMD Vs Intel: Who’s The Showstopper?


AMD vs Intel, which one will you choose? Well, that depends mainly on your needs, but AMD’s latest processors have made the AMD vs Intel debate more difficult. If you intend to buy or update your PC this year, here’s a quick rundown of what we currently know to expect and what that means for you.

- Updated: 22nd May 2023, 17:38 IST
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    Let’s first understand what’s AMD and Intel!
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    Brief Overview: AMD Processor vs Intel
    • Intel Core i3 vs AMD Ryzen 3
    • Intel Core i5 vs AMD Ryzen 5
    • Intel Core i7 vs AMD Ryzen 7
    • Intel Core i9 vs AMD Ryzen 9
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    Performance comparison: AMD vs Intel
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    Clock speeds: AMD vs Intel
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    Overclocking Comparison: AMD vs Intel
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    Price comparison: AMD vs Intel
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    So, which one is best for you?

AMD processor vs Intel, which one will you choose? Recently, AMD and Intel swamped us with CPU announcements, and the changes are significant enough that buying a laptop in 2023 might result in significant performance increases over a laptop introduced last year. For desktop PCs, the situation is identical. With all of this in mind, choosing the ideal processor may be a quagmire. As a result, we’ve created this AMD processor vs Intel guide to help you decide whether you should join team blue or team red.

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Let’s first understand what’s AMD and Intel!

AMD vs Intel

AMD, or Advanced Micro Devices, has been manufacturing semiconductors, microchips, CPUs, motherboards, and other computer components for over 40 years. After Intel, they are currently the second largest corporation in this industry.

The Intel Corporation, or Intel, was founded a year earlier, in 1968. Both companies were based in Valley, California, and are industry leaders in research and development. These global corporations are also recognised for establishing manufacturing plants in Asian countries like Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Nonetheless, their goods are believed to be used in every country where computers are used.

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Motherboards, the heart of all pcs, are produced by both AMD and Intel. AMD and Intel manufacture CPU (Central Processing Unit) chips for personal computers. Even though they are both in the same sector, they always compete for market share and technological advancements.

Brief Overview: AMD Processor vs Intel

Cost EfficiencyIntel processors are less expensive than AMD ones at the lower range.AMD processors are less expensive than Intel ones at the higher range.
HeatingIf used with a Clock Speed Boost of 14nm, it may become hot.Due to its tiny lithography, AMD processors run cooler than Intel.
EfficiencyWhen compared to AMD processors, Intel is far more efficient.When compared to Intel processors, AMD is inefficient.
Clock SpeedIntel’s Clock speed can reach and surpass 5.0 GHz.The clock speed of AMD’s processors could exceed 5.0 GHz. However, in this situation, it generates more heat.
Multiprocessing capabilitiesIntel’s symmetric multiprocessing technology supports up to four sockets and 28 cores. AMD’s symmetric multiprocessing technology supports up to 8 sockets and 128 cores.

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Intel Core i3 vs AMD Ryzen 3(Basic)

Do you mainly use your computer for basic things such as sending emails, watching Netflix, and surfing the web? Consider an i3 or Ryzen 3 processor. These are part of the fundamental portion. Intel’s i3 Intel’sor has four cores and a clock speed of up to 4.6GHz, making it more powerful than AMD’s. The AMD’s 3 features a 4GHz clock speed.

Core i3Basic444.6GHz90W
Ryzen 3Basic444GHz65W

Intel Core i5 vs AMD Ryzen 5(Mid-range)

The Intel Core i5 and AMD Ryzen 5 processors are classified as mid-range. They enable you to play ordinary games while also working in Photoshop. AMD Ryzen 5 processors are often less powerful than Intel Core i5 processors. They feature a clock speed of up to 4.4GHz faster than the i5’s 4.6GHzi5’sey do; however, they have twice as many threads. The AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is also notable for its low 65W power consumption.

Core i5Medium664.1 – 4.6GHz65 – 95W
Ryzen 5Medium4 – 68 – 124.2 – 4.4GHz65 – 95W

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Intel Core i7 vs AMD Ryzen 7(High-end)

Creative workers, avid gamers, and anyone who uses their computer frequently should consider an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor. These powerful CPUs are considered high-end. The i7 processors have fewer cores and threads than the Ryzen 7 but faster clock speed. This is especially beneficial if you use a single application frequently, such as a game. The AMD Ryzen 7 performs better when multitasking, such as when editing video.

Core i7Top6 – 86 – 84.7 – 4.9GHz65 – 95W
Ryzen 7Top8164.4 – 4.5GHz65 – 105W

Intel Core i9 vs AMD Ryzen 9(Pro)

The Intel Core i9 and AMD Ryzen 9 are the best processors. These CPUs are great for avid gamers as well as professional designers. An Intel i9 CPU has a 5GHz clock speed and a low wattage. This allows you to overclock it further. A Ryzen 9 CPU has fewer cores than an i9 but faster clock speed. The Ryzen 9 CPU is the most powerful.

Core i9Pro8165GHz95W
Ryzen 9Pro12 – 1624 – 324.6 – 4.7GHz105W

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Performance comparison: AMD vs Intel

If we look back in time, Intel had superior technology and overall performance, whereas AMD had more economical options that competed mainly on power.

It performed great until 2013, but after that, AMD’s performance started to crumble. Despite the fact that AMD introduced the FX series, things did not go well for AMD. Intel, on the other hand, continued to improve as its technology stabilised.

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The AMD Ryzen series, which debuted in March 2017, was a formidable challenger to Intel’s i7 processor. There’s nothing wrong with AMD if your major concentration is on basic chores like gaming, surfing the internet, and composing papers.

If you deal with 3D rendering, Photoshop, hard math computations, and other similar tasks, you should absolutely choose an Intel-based PC.

In a word, if you need a performance-oriented processor, Intel is the way to go. AMD Zen could change that, but I have my doubts. Multithreaded operations like video editing or transcoding, as well as heavy multitasking with dozens of browser tabs, are more efficient and cost-effective on AMD’s CPUs across the price and performance spectrum.

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Clock speeds: AMD vs Intel

AMD’s more robust architecture allowed its processors to achieve greater base clock rates back in the days of their FX CPUs. Today, the situation is a little different, as the two are roughly equal in this regard.

Clock speeds stated on paper, on the other hand, are a poor indicator of any processor’s performance. In truth, they can be deceiving, particularly in this day and age, when you won’t find a gaming CPU with a base clock speed of less than 3 GHz.

The main question is how they perform when it comes to overclocking.

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Overclocking Comparison: AMD vs Intel

Overclocking is the next point to consider. AMD processors are well-known for their high overclocking potential.

Only a few Intel CPUs, on the other hand, can be overclocked, and these are identified by a K at the end of the model number.

These can be standalone models or replacements for current models, but in either case, they are more expensive than AMD Ryzen.

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In reality, the amount of overclocking capability varies from model to model. It all relies on how well they can manage the increased voltage, how much additional heat they emit, and how much greater performance they can provide.

Price comparison: AMD vs Intel

The most important thing to remember is that AMD has always been a budget-conscious firm. AMD processors are less expensive than Intel processors with the same number of features.

If you want something that is similar to the Intel i5 processor, you can go for AMD processors because you will save a lot of money. If you prefer Intel, Intel CPUs will surely be the best choice, but you will have to pay a little more for the same performance that you would get from an AMD processor.

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So, which one is best for you?

Intel and AMD CPUs provide outstanding performance straight out of the box for ordinary online browsing, Netflix viewing, and email replying. However, there are some tasks where one company’s products outperform the others.

After conducting such research, if you ask me which is better, Intel or AMD Ryzen, I would suggest that if you want more performance and are willing to pay for it, go with Intel. Professionals should consider Intel processors. and if you’re a gamer, AMD Ryzen is the better option, at least for the time being.

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The good news is that there isn’t a terrible CPU out there – AMD and Intel are both running at full speed, so the AMD vs Intel debate isn’t going away anytime soon. The ideal option is to go with the CPU that is the cheapest, most readily available, and compatible with the components you already have.

Keep in mind that while the CPU you choose determines a laptop’s real-world performance, the design of individual laptop models might impact the result.

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This caveat is crucial since AMD and Intel are locked in a bitter battle. You may expect similar features and specs from both firms, making it all the more vital to pay attention to the details (and individual laptop reviews).


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