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Way Beyond Money! Apple Pitches Emotions In Its Recent Wonderlust Event 2023


In the recent Wonderlust event, Apple pitches emotions by giving it a preference throughout the launch streaming. In this article, Cashify TechByte uncovers multiple ways in which the brand is expected to capture the hearts of global audiences.

- Updated: 15th Sep 2023, 18:06 IST
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    How Is Apple Tapping Into People’s Emotions?
    • SOS Services
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    Is This A New Marketing Strategy For Apple?
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    Will People Prefer Apple Products Over Budgeted Brands?

Gone are those days when people used to blindfoldedly support a brand to keep up their social status. With society progressing more, people are more conscious of their choices than ever. Due to this factor, people have begun making a choice that enhances the utility factor of the product. It won’t be wrong to say that consumers around the globe, especially those belonging to the middle economy tier, prefer buying products that last long and give them a greater return on investment(RoI). In the recently conducted Wonderlust event, Apple initially pitches emotions, unveiling two new products.

While Apple has great fanfare among those preferring luxe commodities, it is currently the middle tier it appears to target. This section of the consumer that forms a larger portion of the target consumer for Apple has been currently eyeing products that are more affordable and give similar RoI when compared to the premium high-end brands. It was this section of the user base that was left behind in the early releases by Apple. However, the recent launch suggests otherwise when the tech giant tried to emphasise people’s emotions more than anything.

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How Is Apple Tapping Into People’s Emotions?

In the recent Wonderlust Event by Apple conducted on September 12, 2023, the brand showcased a leaning preference to tap human emotions. The stories of how Apple products like their Watch series have brought an impacting change are not new! Rather, the news of people thanking the brand for taking the initiative to save their lives is afloat. The stories of people receiving critical life-saving alerts through Apple Watch and iPhone have been making rounds of social media frequently.

apple pitches emotions: imani miles
Source: Apple Event | YouTube

The event began with the story of Tasha Prescott of how Apple Watch sent her a vital heart rate alert that made her rush to the hospital and get a pacemaker surgery that ended up saving her life.

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SOS Services

“It’s so exciting to live and to be here with people you love“, says Stephen Watts, who made use of the Emergency SOS via satellite provided by the iPhone while he was left off the trail during one of his rappelling journies. He had to be airlifted from the location, but this was made possible only by the services coordinated by Apple.

There have been numerous such incidents that saved lives due to the first-hand response of the utility services by Apple.

After all, there have been multiple brands that have been trying to emulate the designs and build a market based on the cost-effectiveness for the consumers even after providing similar services.

To answer it all, the launch event ensured that a larger chunk of the audience was exposed to the utility services. This includes functionalities like:

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Blood oxygen level
  • Irregular rhythm notifications
  • Optical heart sensor and location
  • Fall detection
  • Medications tracking

These are provided by Apple rather than just focussing on the high-end value and pricing in the market.

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Love For Mother Nature

Another significant aspect of the launch event was the increased focus on the eco-conscious choice made by Apple as a brand. In one of the segments of the launch, the giant unfolds its care towards Mother Nature (enacted by the famous Hollywood actor Octavia Spencer), who visits Apple headquarters to take a report on how the company has been making a greener impact on the planet as promised in its resolutions previously.

Hollywood actor Octavia Spencer as Mother Nature
Source: Apple Event | YouTube

Sticking to the Apple 2030 plan, the brand launched its first carbon-neutral product ever: Apple Watch Series 9. A call to awaken those nature-conscious people who had no options otherwise. With their efforts to make the entire value chain carbon neutral, it has begun taking one step at a time, which sets a great example for the mobile industry in years to come.

Is This A New Marketing Strategy For Apple?

The game-changing method deployed by Apple to kickstart the event by emphasising how its product mattered to the common people showcased a headway change in the existing marketing strategy. Apple products like the Apple watch series and the iPhone 15 model launched in 2023 are accommodating the factor of placing human emotions over simply mentioning the tech specifications that most people deemed “boring“.

Snip: Life saving Apple watch
Source: Apple Event | YouTube

Efforts like this may convince the global audience that has not been into the Apple ecosystem to start getting into one! By making consumers believe that they fall into their close community, it can tap them in the near future. At the same time, it strategies the right way to make its existing consumers special. Through steps like dubbing the same technology of USB-C charger as USB-3.0, it deviates from the existing industry protocol and makes its newly launched (yet quite old) feature a hype among the audience, creating a storm to justify the pricing.

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Will People Prefer Apple Products Over Budgeted Brands?

With more than 1.46 billion iPhone users globally, Apple boasts of a decent consumer base that remains satisfied with the features and brand value offered by entering the Apple ecosystem. Even though hundreds of players worldwide offer better value and returns to the user, the craze for Apple products are unmatchable. With people getting better deals with another mobile brand, their plans to buy an Apple iPhone suggest otherwise and justify how the brand has created a space in the hearts of people around the globe.

For many youngsters, owning an iPhone is an emotion and achievement at the same time. So, it would not be wrong to say that people would long for an iPhone even in the presence of tough competition, too!

What’s your say on the recently conducted Wonderlust event by Apple? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Apple launched a new series of watches and the Apple 15 model in the Wondderlust Event.
  • The tech giant took a steep turn in the presentation strategy by showcasing the product’s utility and the lives of people who mattered.
  • Hop on to this freshly baked article to uncover the entire story with Cashify TechByte.