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Australia And US Planning TikTok Ban, Following India’s Precedent


TikTok was one of the many Chinese apps banned by the Indian Government a few weeks back claiming security concerns.

By Susshmita Choubey - 
8th Jul 2020
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Highlights of the Story

  • After India, US mulls over banning of TikTok.
  • TikTok has stated that they will not be legally challenging the ban in India.

In the face of the banning of Chinese apps in India, it seems the United States of America is also not going to stay behind the matter. Concerning the safety of sovereignty and integrity of India, the ban was applied in India a week ago. But India is not the only country thinking about it anymore, as time passes more and more countries are sharing their doubts on the Chinese Apps regarding the privacy of their data.

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The app was found to be copying contents of the clipboard which was discovered via the new iOS 14 update on Apple devices. This was merely speculation until the new update in Apple devices proved it to be true.

Incidentally, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, stated on national television that the US is “certainly looking at” banning TikTok. to Reuters. Like in India, there’s a growing concern that the app could be used by the Chinese government as a tool of surveillance and propaganda. There’s also another country that has been calling for a ban on TikTok too – Australia. A Federal MP has divulged plans to put TikTok before the Foreign Interference through social media senate inquiry over fears that the app developers are sharing user data with the Chinese government.

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Chinese technology company Bytedance owns TikTok and has been criticized by various administrations for collecting data and sending it back to the Chinese government. They are by law conditioned to share any data they have to the Chinese Government. This is the reason why the looming tensions and discussions on banning of TikTok or other Chinese apps have been raging the past year.

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Yet, the appeal of the app has made it a global phenomenon. The ability to make content viral and command a large follower base by posting short, creative videos has made it so popular. This ban, however, has made a lot of users in India very disappointed but it has been applauded by most of the citizens.


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