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9 Best Apps To Download On Android TV In July 2024


Are you looking for an amazing and cool set of apps that you can have on your Android TV to make it an even more fun experience? Here are some of the best apps you can download on your Android TV immediately.

- Updated: 25th Jun 2024, 22:25 IST
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    Here Are The Best Apps To Download On Android TV
    • 1. Hotstar
    • 2. Jio Cinema
    • 3. Spotify
    • 4. Zee5
    • 5. Plex
    • 6. Voot
    • 7. Sony Liv
    • 8. Sideload Launcher
    • 9. Airscreen
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    Final Thoughts: Best Apps To Download On Android TV

Android TV, which was launched a decade ago, has gradually gained popularity among users because of the abundance of applications it provides via the Google Play Store. Installing a combination of entertainment and system apps on your Android TV is necessary if you, too, own one and want to maximise its potential. In light of this, we’ve put together a list of the best apps to download on Android TV that you ought to be using in 2023. Install them right away, then thank us later!

Here Are The Best Apps To Download On Android TV

Due to its incredible app selection, which includes thousands of free-to-download apps from the Android TV Play Store, Android TV is becoming highly popular. So let’s look at the top Android TV apps that you can get from the Google Play Store and install on any Android TV: 

1. Hotstar

Hotstar: Best Apps To Download On Android TV

Hotstar is one of the most well-known Android television apps; it provides films and TV shows from Star along with other networks. Additionally, you may access films and TV episodes from well-known networks like HBO, NatGeo, Disney+, and many others. It offers a selection of live-streaming free material with a modest VIP subscription. Because it provides exclusive live sports content on its platform, Hotstar is one of the most widely used applications for watching sports.

Get it on Android TV

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2. Jio Cinema

jio cinema Best Apps To Download On Android TV

Jio Cinema stands out as the best app for Android TV, enthralling customers with its unparalleled ubiquity. This app offers a vast selection of films, TV episodes, and music videos, making it a veritable gold mine of entertainment. Jio Cinema stands out for its extraordinary capacity to stream content in various regional languages, serving a broad audience.

Jio Cinema exceeds expectations by offering live sports streaming on any Android TV as an addition to its standard offerings. This outstanding feature sets it apart as one of the best free Android TV apps, offering a complete entertainment solution that also caters to sports fans. 

Get it on Android TV

3. Spotify


The ideal music app for Android TV is Spotify. The TV’s interface is straightforward and simple to use because the remote control provides immediate access to all of the key features. You can also use Spotify on Android TV as background streaming, allowing you to utilise it alongside another app.

Get it on Android TV

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4. Zee5


Zee5 is the ideal app for you if you enjoy the shows on the Zed network. On its platform, this app provides access to free premium films and TV shows. TV shows from &TV, Zed TV, Anmol, and Big Magic may be found on Zee5. Additionally, you can view some foreign television programs there in Hindi. Viewers can watch Zee network programs live-streamed with the Zed 5 Premium Subscription. Additionally, it offers premium programming from Zed Originals, Alt Balaji, and Zed Studio Movies.

Get it on Android TV

5. Plex

Do you have a significant collection of films and television shows? If so, Plex is the best program for you as it organises all of your movies and television shows according to category, rating, and subtitles. Plex’s user interface is simple to set up and configure in a few simple steps. Retro games can now even be directly streamed to an Android TV. In addition to installing your library of game ROMs and emulators on any Android TV device, Plex has included Atari classic games that you can watch straight on Android TV.

Get it on Android TV

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6. Voot


The popular TV program Voot, which airs on MTV, Nickelodeon, and Colours, also has a sizable selection of Bollywood films available for free streaming. Additionally, a 30-day trial program is available that allows you access to voot select’s premium material. Asur, one of the most well-liked programs on its platform with an IMDB rating of 8.6, is one of the original sci-fi shows from Voot originals that you can watch on voot pick. One of the best apps to download on Android TV.

Get it on Android TV

7. Sony Liv


Similar to a Voot app, Sony Liv provides content on a freemium basis. where you may watch all of the Sony Network’s TV programs in the local language for free. The app also includes material from Web originals, Sony TV, Liv Food, and Sub TV. Additionally, this app features a premium subscription model that enables users to stream live TV channels from a Sony network and top-rated Hollywood films. Sony Liv is one of the few apps that lets users watch live channels on their smartphones.

Get it on Android TV

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8. Sideload Launcher

We must sideload some apps because they aren’t directly available on the Android TV Play Store. The drawback of sideloading is that the apps won’t appear in the Android TV launcher. Therefore, sideloading is crucial in this situation because it aids in displaying all of the sideloaded apps on your device.

Get it on Android TV

9. Airscreen

You may cast the screen from your smartphone, laptop, or iPad to your Android TV using Airscreen. You may simply cast video up to 4K without any delay or lag because it enables hardware acceleration to increase performance. It does support nearly all Android TV casting applications for laptop and phone devices. If you wish to share a screen on Android TV, it is one of the best apps to download on Android TV.

Get it on Android TV

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Final Thoughts: Best Apps To Download On Android TV

The Best Android TV Apps listed here are those that you can download and install right away on any Android TV or Android TV box. Since the Android TV Play Store is still under development, we will keep you informed about the most recent apps that are compatible with Android TV.

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