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Here Are Top 5 & Best Astrology Apps That You Can Count On


Looking for some of the best astrology apps to understand more about your planetary charts and what is there in store for you? These apps will surely help you pave a way to find a great astrologer to solve your problem.

- Updated: 12th Aug 2023, 13:49 IST
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    Origin Of Astrology
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    Best Astrology Apps To Use
    • 1. InstaAstro: Talk to Astrologer
    • 2. Astroyogi: Online Astrology
    • 3. Astrotalk – Talk to Astrologer
    • 4. Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology
    • 5. AstroSage Kundli: Astrology
    • 6. Anytime Astro Online Astrology
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    Summary: Best Astrology Apps

Astrology has always been a fascinating field to people globally. Through the use of planetary position and celestial bodies, you can map out the exact astrological chart. However, that is a separate field altogether In the technological evolution that we are witnessing today, here are some of the best astrology apps that you can really count on.

But before we get started, it’s necessary to understand that these astrological calculations are based on the position of stars, planets, and other important calculations like algebraic trigonometry. While they are mostly true to their understanding, one must not develop hard and fast rules of following them blindly.

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Origin Of Astrology

Astrology as a subject can be traced long back. Even though it is quite famous in India, it has existed for quite a long time in many civilisations. This includes Babylonia, Mesopotamia, Eurasian, Egyptian, and many others. Besides, the science of astrology was taught in famous universities of the world and was one of the most pursued disciplines.

However, if we specifically look into the Indian context, it is important to note that there have multiple mentions of astrology in literature, folklore, and daily life. The earliest mention of astrology in the Indian subcontinent is recorded in the 3rd millennium BCE and there have been mentions of the same in literature from the Vedic period.

For example, when a child is born, their astrological chart is prepared to predict about future, and similarly, this happens in marriage, job search, and many other fields.

Now that we are aware of the evolution of astrology and its application in different fields, let’s discuss some of the best astrology apps.

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Best Astrology Apps To Use

Below mentioned are some of the best astrology apps that you can bring to use.

1. InstaAstro: Talk to Astrologer


If you are looking for one of the most accurate astrology apps, then you should not miss out on InstaAstro. Counted as one of the best astrology apps, it lets you make live calls and chats, contact astrologers, and make horoscopes along with birth charts. You get a basket of some of the best astrologers and consultants along with their details. This detail includes their name, place, language proficiency, years of experience, and fees depending on the conversation on a per-minute basis.

Key Features:

  • Ask anything in the live session
  • One-on-one sessions along with live chats
  • Choose astrologers based on their experiences
  • Only verified astrologers and consultants available on the platform
  • Astrology products and services such as gemstones, pooja, numerology, psychic reading, etc.

Click on the link to download the application: Android

Click on the link to download the application: iOS

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2. Astroyogi: Online Astrology

astroyogi best astrology apps

It is considered one of the best astrology apps on Google Play to understand astrological services like tarot readers, numerologists, Nadi astrologers, Prashna Kundli astrologers, and Vastu consultants. You also get access to YOUniverse, where there is access to personalised predictions for each and every day.

Key Features:

  • The first consultation is free of cost
  • Connect with astrologers the way you like: call or chat
  • No time bondage; 24×7 live chat options
  • 2000+ verified astrology professionals
  • Free chat services
  • Get recommendations from your favourite experts

Click on the link to download the application: Android

Click on the link to download the application: iOS

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3. Astrotalk – Talk to Astrologer


One of the best astrology apps that you might have come across in advertisements and other commercials. The easy-to-use application lets you check the profile of astrologers associated with them. This includes their qualification, language proficiency, rates per minute, etc. Astrotalk alone has 10 million plus downloads and its popularity is widespread.

Key Features:

  • Avail of the first call and chat for free
  • Check the profile of the astrologer
  • Get access to your daily horoscope
  • 35 pages free Kundli download
  • Ask any question to the appointed astrologers

Click on the link to download the application: Android

Click on the link to download the application: iOS

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4. Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology


For all those who love horoscopes and astrology, this is one of the best astrology apps to be at. It gives you some accurate predictions by telling you the phases of the moon and palm reading. One of the best features of the app is that they associate themselves with trained professionals who undergo three-stage screening. Based on the zodiac sign, they give you a daily understanding of daily activities. However, the striking feature of it zodiac relationship is that lets you understand the accuracy of your relationship with your spouse or partner.

Key Features:

  • Understand more about zodiac sign
  • Get to know the power of moon phases
  • Learn about daily horoscope: general, love, and moon
  • Take test compatibility with your partners.

Click on the link to download the application: Android

Click on the link to download the application: iOS

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5. AstroSage Kundli: Astrology


Talk to premium astrologers with a single click using one of the best astrology apps AstroSage. It gives you different services like astrology predictions, Jyotish, Vedic astrology, etc. The app gives you information in nine different languages and free Kundali software. Additionally, you can remain in touch with premium astrologers too.

Key Features:

  • Free-to-use application
  • Get in touch with qualified professionals
  • Kundali Matching and horoscope for daily use
  • Flip screen and easy user interface
  • Suggests baby names and moon name reports

Click on the link to download the application: Android

Click on the link to download the application: iOS

6. Anytime Astro Online Astrology

With this app get your first chat/call session with top astrologers. Additionally, get instant guidance for all your problems too. It is one of the top-rated online astrology apps that provides the most accurate predictions about your past, present, or future. 

Key Features:

  • Live Session with Astrologer
  • Free Kundli matchmaking services & Daily, Monthly & yearly horoscopes readings
  • 1000+ Certified Online Astrologers who have years of experience in several fields of Astrology
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Absolute Privacy & Confidentiality

Click on the link to download the Application: Android

Click on the link to download the Application: iOS

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Disclaimer: Cashify does not promote the use of any rendered advice, opinion, etc from astrology apps to shape life choices. It is at the sole discretion of the user to follow it or ignore it.

Summary: Best Astrology Apps

With the use of these best astrology apps, you can easily satisfy your spiritual wellness and astrological predictions without having to visit the astrologer physically. Besides, one can get connected to the astrologers of their choice depending on the time availability. You can get to see the variety of profiles of professional astrologers without having to compromise with one choice.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Astrology is one of the few fields of science that keeps the interest of people from both urban as well as rural areas.
  • However, getting to know a qualified astrologer is really difficult as there are faux people from the profession too.
  • Therefore, with these best astrology apps, you can stay assured that you can choose a professional of your choice as their information is quite transparent.