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How To Make Snapchat Story And Add Snaps?


New to Snapchat? Still juggling with the features and want to learn about how to make Snapchat story? Don’t worry as we have got you covered by explaining different ways involved in it and more.

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 04:19 IST
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    How To Make Snapchat Story?
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    Who can view your Snapchat story?
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For those of you using Snapchat, their story feature would not be new to you. In fact major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram drew their inspiration from Snapchat stories and are widely used today. In this article, our prime focus is to know more about it and how to make Snapchat story.

Snapchat story as a feature was launched by the messaging application way back in 2013. Due to its super interactive capability and means of engaging followers on the account, the story as a concept became quite famous.

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It was later in 2016, that the social media giant Instagram also launched a similar feature by the name of the Instagram story, offering almost the same feature with a few more additions. Stories are becoming quite famous, not just for individuals but for businesses too. With minimal investment, they can reach a wide audience base and capture their attention altogether.

Snapchat stories are visible for 24 hours after which one cannot view them. Once the time period is over, the story is automatically deleted from the person’s account.

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How To Make Snapchat Story?

Snapchat stories are fun to make. However, for beginners, understanding step by step process is necessary, as it may help you tread the easiest possible path. Some of the ways which would answer your question on how to make the Snapchat story is mentioned below.

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  1. To make Snapchat story, you need to open the Snapchat app. Sign in using your credentials. Once you are logged in, go to the Stories tab, and click on +My Story to begin. Add the picture you like to your story from the camera roll or the existing Snapchat gallery.
  2. Another easy way how to make Snapchat story is to open the camera tab directly. From here, take pictures, add filters, and simply select the bottom right icon of sharing. Alternatively, you can also press Send icon and then select Add on the dialogue box asking you to ‘Add To Your Story.’

The story gets uploaded successfully without any hassle.

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Adding Snaps

In fact, adding snaps becomes even easier. After all, you need to simply select the picture from the camera roll and press the Send icon to share the story. Your friends can view the snap that you set as a story for 24 hours, and can even take screenshots or screen recordings of the same.

Additionally, saving snaps is even easier as you need to click the Download icon at the bottom of the screen. You can even save your friend’s snap and story, by clicking on the snap tab. Next, press the same Download icon mentioned before. The story gets downloaded. However, your friend will be notified regarding the download too.

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Who can view your Snapchat story?

For those having a private profile, you need worry no more. One can be sure that the story is shown to ‘Friends’ by default, thereby maintaining privacy. However, you can change that after some period of time if you want to showcase your story to a large number of people. You can go to Settings > Change Privacy Settings to change the overall set of people who can view the story.

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Snapchat story comes is an exclusive tool to use multiple features in a go. Be it music, stickers, filters, gifs, emojis, and more, Snapchat story has everything for use in your story of you. Besides, you always need to understand who is your audience and plan your story accordingly.

For people who are a bit conservative about sharing stories with anyone and everyone, double-check the settings to see if the story is limited to Friends alone. Otherwise, you can also opt for a public story too. After reading this article, we can vouch that you are definitely going to try the awesome feature on Snapchat.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Snapchat story brought in a new generation feature of adding photos and pictures for a relatively short period of time in an exclusive manner.
  • Instead of sending the snap to everyone individually, you choose to send it in a go, that can be viewed by all of them in a go.
  • Besides, you also get access to the viewer list comprehensively.
  • This article covers different aspects like how to make Snapchat story, add snaps, and restrict viewership.

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