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5 Best BGMI Loadouts For TDM To Dominate Every Match!


Not sure which weapons to use for TDM mode in BGMI? We’ve provided the best BGMI loadouts for TDM, so that you can play aggressively and quickly.

- Updated: 29th Jun 2022, 18:15 IST
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    M416 base
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    AKM base
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    Vector Base
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    Micro UZI Base
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    S12K Base
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    Summing up

There can be no doubt regarding the popularity of BGMI in India. Even after a few hiccups and some stiff competition, BGMI is still one of the top battle royale games for smartphones in India. The game’s battle royale mode is already renowned for its realism and gameplay. However, quite a few players prefer playing Team Deathmatch (TDM). In this mode, you’re part of a team of players, and your goal is to eliminate the opponents as many times as possible in a few rounds. Each round has a certain time limit, so you’re always in a rush as a player. This means that the best BGMI loadouts for TDM should provide you with power, accuracy, and efficiency.

This article will look at some of the best loadouts you can use when playing TDM in BGMI. Let’s get started!

M416 base

M416 loadout

The M416 is one of the best base assault rifles in BGMI. While it doesn’t offer as much damage as the AKM, the M416 is a reliable choice in any TDM loadout. Since this is TDM, there’s no need for a suppressor or a flash hider. Go with the AR compensator. Additionally, add any pistol sidearm of your choice. The usual Frag grenade and Flash Bang should work well for the miscellaneous weapons. After all, your goal is to bring the enemy out into the open and eliminate them. For other rifle attachments, go with a laser sight and a Quickdraw magazine for faster reloading.

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AKM base

AKM Loadout

The AKM is one of the most powerful assault rifles in the game. However, where it fails pretty miserably is the recoil. Such high recoil should immediately call for a compensator attachment. Additionally, we’d recommend an extended Quickdraw magazine to be attached to the AKM. However, if you get the opportunity for a mini drum magazine for the AKM, don’t hesitate to attach it immediately. Lastly, the Red Dot sight scope is perfect for the AKM in BGMI’s TDM mode. A pistol such as PI8C, grenades and Flash Bang is absolutely necessary for the sidearms.

Vector Base

Vector loadout best bgmi loadouts for tdm

While the Vector isn’t the best SMG (submachine gun) in BGMI, it’s got an exceptionally high firing rate. Moreover, the gun is lightweight and easy to work with as well. This makes it an excellent choice for players in TDM, as you can move insanely fast with this Vector-based loadout. For the Vector, ensure that you use a compensator to counteract the high recoil. The Vertical Grip and the Tactical Stock will further add some much-needed stability. Since the range of Vector isn’t extensive, you can go with a 2x scope for the best TDM results. In the case of sidearms, things don’t change. A pistol of your choice, Flash Bang, and Frag grenades are all part of the package.

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Micro UZI Base

Micro UZI loadout

This is another SMG present in BGMI. Don’t be fooled by the small size and low damage output. The high firing rate and the lightweight form factor make this gun supremely easy to move around with. It’s quick to draw and reloads fast too. Like any other SMG, it comes with high recoil. So, you will have to use a compensator for the Muzzle. Make sure that you don’t run out of bullets by using the Extended Quickdraw Magazine. Add a Tactical Stock and Red Dot Sight, and you’re good to go. Once again, the sidearms remain the same for the grenade and flash bang. However, you can use any pistol or revolver of your choice.

S12K Base

S12K loadout best bgmi loadouts for tdm

Some of us like to rock our TDM matches by using the high damage output of shotguns. Keep in mind that using shotguns will be much more complicated than SMGs and Assault Rifles, especially in maps with open spaces. However, if you know that the map has plenty of closed areas to cover, the S12K is a great option. For the gun’s attachments, use a Duckbill for the Muzzle. There’s not much need for scopes in the S12K, as the bullets spread more than they travel. However, for better accuracy, you can use a Red Dot Sight. Apart from that, there aren’t too many options. Take the frag grenade and flash-bang for the miscellaneous arms and the P1911 sidearm for keeping up with the theme of maximum damage.

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Summing up

As you can see, the TDM mode in BGMI favours AR and SMG users more than the other weapons. After all, you need to be fast, accurate, and efficient when you’re playing for the maximum number of points in a given time limit. You can also use LMGs like the DP-28, but their heft makes it difficult for the player to move. This could make you an easier target if you’re not careful. Hopefully, this list of the best BGMI loadouts for TDM should help you make easier decisions the next time you play the TDM mode with your friends!

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