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    How To Get Character Vouchers In BGMI? We’ve Got The Solutions!


    Now that BGMI has a few characters that you can unlock, you should know how to get character vouchers in BGMI. These characters will be especially useful when it comes to EvoGround matches!

    By Anirban Dutta Choudhury | 
    Updated: 22nd Jun 2022 10:30 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Exclusive characters
      • Victor
      • Sara
      • Carlo
      • Anna
      • Andy
    • 2
      How to get character vouchers?
      • Free method
      • Purchasing character vouchers
    • 3
      The takeaway

    Highlights of the Story

    • BGMI has introduced new characters with special abilities/
    • These characters are especially useful in EvoGround matches.
    • Check out how to get character vouchers in BGMI for unlocking these characters, right here!

    Although the original PUBG or BGMI did not have characters at the beginning, the developers have introduced some recently. This is mainly due to the competition Garena Free Fire has been providing to the game. So, the developers have added some exclusive content to keep the players engaged and interested in the game. So far, it’s been working quite well. New characters such as Andy and Sara have become quite popular with users. Even the common Victor character is well-liked by players. These exclusive characters can be unlocked through character vouchers. If you want to know how to get character vouchers in BGMI, let us help you.

    Exclusive characters

    There are a few exclusive characters shown in BGMI today. Let’s take a look at them.



    Victor is the first and only character in BGMI, at the moment, whom you can unlock for free. That’s right – you don’t need any character shards or vouchers to unlock him. He’s excellent with submachine guns and can modify them according to his needs to make the weapon extremely potent during gunfights. The only work you’ll have to do is play with him to progress and unlock his voice-packs or emotes.

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    Sara is the first female character that was brought into BGMI. The Austrian is an expert in dealing with vehicles, and you can use her in EvoGround matches for modifying vehicles to your advantage. You can even change the vehicle’s looks and stats to reduce the damage intake. You’ll have to unlock her by spending 600 UC.



    Carlo’s bounty hunting skills come in handy when playing him in EvoGround matches. Not only is he an expert on various weapons, but he can also survive falls from great heights, thanks to the survival skills he’s packing. He’s quite an expensive character to unlock, however. To get Carlo, you need to spend an exorbitant 1200 UC.

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    We’ve got another female character here, who’s an exceptional investigative reporter. Additionally, she’s also a vehicle expert and can reinforce your vehicles in EvoGround matches. Her vehicle handling is outstanding and can assist you immensely in battles. She can be unlocked for 600 UC.


    Andy how to get character vouchers in BGMI

    Andy is the only magician in this group of exclusive characters. After a career-ending injury, he focussed on honing his gun skills, instead of his sleight of hand. Due to his proficiency in magic and guns, he’s got the fastest drawing and reloading times out of all the characters. Andy can be unlocked for 1200 UC.

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    How to get character vouchers?

    There are two effective ways to get characters in the game. The first method is through UC. You’ll have to purchase UC through the in-game shop, and then spend it on character vouchers. These character vouchers can be used for purchasing a character. The second method is through events.

    Free method

    Sometimes, the developers put out events that provide either character vouchers, character skins, or a chance to get the character directly. You can check the Events section in the game to get a good idea of what rewards you can expect by completing Event missions.

    Once you complete these Event missions, some of them will offer you character vouchers. Collect enough character vouchers, and you’ll be able to unlock characters. Keep in mind that each character requires a certain amount of character vouchers to be unlocked.

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    Purchasing character vouchers

    The other way to get characters is to simply spend UC on character vouchers. Once you collect enough character vouchers for a particular character, you can spend them all in one go for your desired BGMI character.

    Here’s how you can purchase character vouchers using UC.

    • Before we get started, ensure you’ve enough UC to spend on character vouchers. You should have at least 10 to 20 UC before trying this method.
    • Go to BGMI main screen. At the top right corner, you should see a Shop icon. Tap on it.
    Shop icon
    • Once the Shop window opens, you’ll have to navigate to the Treasures tab.
    Treasures how to get character vouchers in BGMI
    • In the Treasures section, you’ll see the Character Voucher option. Tap on this.
    Character voucher
    • You should see an option showing 1 UC right below the Character Voucher. Select it.
    Purchase character voucher how to get character vouchers in BGMI
    • In the pop-up window, the purchase confirmation option will be shown. Click on Purchase, and you now have a Character Voucher to spend on your favourite character.

    As long as you have a sufficient number of UC, complete this method the required number of times to get the requisite Character Vouchers.

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    The takeaway

    While these characters in BGMI are excellent in EvoGround matches, we’d ask you to reconsider using them in modes like TDM (Team Deathmatch). Regardless, the characters are a welcome addition to the game and bring in a breath of fresh air. We’re hoping for more new characters to be added to the game in the coming months. Keep an eye on this space as we’ll talk about more characters and the best characters you can use for your playing style!

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