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Want To Know How To Unlock Characters In Genshin Impact? Use These Methods!


No idea what to do with Fate, Wishes, or Primogems? This article will tell you how to unlock characters in Genshin Impact through your in-game resources!

- Updated: 22nd Jun 2022, 10:54 IST
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    Characters through gameplay
    • The Traveler
    • Barbara
    • Xiangling
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    Characters through Wishes
  • 3
    Types of Wishes
    • Character Event Wish
    • Standard Character Wish
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Genshin Impact has become one of the most popular RPGs (Role Playing Games) for many gamers. This popularity can be traced back to the fact that the game continues to offer amazing content frequently. One of the core elements of this continuous content is the characters. Currently, Genshin Impact boasts an impressive number of characters that players can use, with 49 playable characters. These characters are unique in their own right, with different powers, skins, and personalities. However, unlocking characters in Genshin Impact can be a daunting task. So, we’re here to help you. This article will give you all the information you need on how to unlock characters in Genshin Impact.

There are two ways to unlock characters in Genshin Impact. The first is just by playing the game. You’ll come across certain missions which will reward you with a new character or event missions which have exclusive character rewards. The second way is to unlock characters through wishes. We’ll be taking a look at both methods.

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Characters through gameplay

To unlock characters just through gameplay, for completely free, you need to complete missions and unique objectives. Around seven characters can be unlocked through gameplay, out of which two are five-star characters, while the others are four-star. Limited time events also offer characters, but only up to four-star capability. Let’s check some of the best free characters.

The Traveler

The traveler how to unlock characters in genshin impact

The Traveler is the first character you use when you begin playing through the Genshin Impact story. Whether you choose the male or the female Traveler, the character is five-star. Moreover, they’re the only character in the game who can use elements of their choice and change them according to their needs. As they progress through the game, new elements, areas, and abilities are unlocked. So, The Traveler always remains a fresh option to use.

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Barbara is a good character to unlock early into your Genshin Impact playthrough. She’s a four-star character with exceptional healing abilities that are always useful. You can unlock Barbara after you’ve reached Adventure Rank 18. After this, you’ll have to defeat Dvalin in the quest “A Long Shot”. Barbara is also available sometimes through special, limited-time events. So, it would help if you kept a lookout on the events sections.


Xiangling how to unlock characters in genshin impact

Xiangling is probably the most challenging character to unlock in the game, even though she’s available for free. You can obtain her by reaching Adventure Rank 20. At this level, the Spiral Abyss challenge will be open to you. These dungeon challenges are some of the trickiest parts of the game. Once you’ve started the Spiral Abyss, complete the third Chamber on Floor Three to unlock Xiangling.

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Characters through Wishes

This is where things get a tad more complicated. The gameplay systems in Genshin Impact can be slightly problematic as they’re difficult to understand. While you’ll get the hang of them as you keep playing the game, it’s pretty overwhelming for a beginner. Fortunately, you have us to simplify the situation for you.

Most of the characters in the game can only be unlocked through Wishes. Now, you can get Wishes by completing special events, reaching certain Adventure Ranks, and increasing your Battle Pass level. There are other ways to obtain Wishes, but they also involve completing the journal investigation milestones. However, the ultimate way to get Wishes is to earn Primogems.

Primogems can also be obtained just by playing the game and completing quests or special events. Basically, you get Primogems by interacting in a myriad of ways with the land of Tevyat.

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Types of Wishes

Primogems for fate

You can use your precious Primogems to get two kinds of Wishes. One is the Intertwined Fate, while the other is called Acquaint Fate. The former is used for the special wish banner. Acquaint Fates are used for standard wish banners. Moreover, when you use a Wish, you’ll also receive either of two currencies. The first currency is Starglitter, and the second is called Stardust. Five Starglitters can be used for purchasing a Wish. In terms of Starglitters, a Wish will cost you anywhere between 75 to 125 Starglitters.

Now that you’ve got a basic idea about the currencies and how to obtain wishes, let’s look at the types of wishes.

Character Event Wish

Character Event Wish how to unlock characters in genshin impact

Character Events combine one five-star character and three four-star characters. These characters keep changing from event to event, but if you wish upon the Character Event, you’re likely to get one of the four characters up for unlocking. These characters are only available during Special Events, however. So, this Character Event Wish is quite a gamble. Here are a few of the characters you can get in this situation.

  • Geo Sword – Albedo
  • Cryo Bow – Ganyu
  • Pyro Catalyst – Klee
  • Anemo Bow – Venti

There are more characters available as well. This listing just gives you a basic idea about the level and type of characters you can acquire through the Character Event Wish. Remember that you can only unlock these characters through Special events and for limited periods.

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Standard Character Wish

Standard character wish

Under this banner, the characters are available at all times. Regardless of when you come back to this banner, these are the characters you’ll always find.

  • Pyro Claymore – Diluc
  • Cryo Sword – Qiqi
  • Geo Bow – Gorou
  • Cryo Sword – Kaeya

Of course, there are more characters under this banner as well. Take the aforementioned names as the standard by which you can judge the other characters present in the Standard banner.

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As you can see, Genshin Impact‘s character unlocking system is quite complex. While this gives players more opportunity to understand the depth of the gameplay mechanics, the system can be confusing. Hopefully, you’ve gotten a better idea of how to unlock characters in Genshin Impact. Although the game requires you to grind your way through, the character rewards are pretty appealing and worth the effort. Let us know who’s your favourite character in Genshin Impact in the comment section below!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Genshin Impact has around 49 playable characters to unlock.
  • Some of them are quite difficult to unlock, thanks to the complex gacha systems in the game.
  • We list out the methods so that you know how to unlock characters in Genshin Impact easily.

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