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3 Best Electric Cab Booking App You Must Know About


Surely, electric vehicles will be the next change that we all need to make. However, if you want to contribute to our environment, all you have to do is take e-rides everywhere. Here is the best electric cab booking app that can help you do so.

- Updated: 13th Jan 2023, 20:36 IST
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    Why Electric cab?
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    Best Electric Cab Booking App
    • Blu Smart
    • Evera
    • eee-Taxi
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    Moving on

Gone are the days when you used to get a Cab for your office ride; this is the electric cab booking app era. These affordable cab rides are pocket-friendly, but they have zero-emission. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? Cabs are our go-to companion when we go to the office, meetings, party or on a date. However, there might be something wrong with the way the modern-day cab systems work; surge pricing, fuel charges, waiting for charges and unexpected cancellation.

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There might be a sweet solution to all of these problems: the Electric cab booking app.

Why Electric cab?

Electric cars are on-demand these days, and wouldn’t they be. They are convenient, have zero maintenance, and are eco-friendly, thus impacting a bare minimum to our environment. Yet, according to an article published by HTAuto , vehicle emission contributes 50-53 per cent of total air pollution in Delhi. That’s nearly half.

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I know the market for electric cars has just started, and the prices are not in the affordable category. And though, you can always move to a more affordable electric vehicle, i.e. E-scooter, e-bike, e-rikshaw, e-auto, or e-bus. There is always a need for a compact hatchback to reach the destination with all your luggage. And in that scenario, cabs play a considerable role.

So, in this article, we’ll take an eco-friendly ride, and thus, we have shorted the best electric cab booking app you can use right now. Obviously, if you’re in the selected city.

Best Electric Cab Booking App

Blu Smart


Founded by Anmol Jaggi and Punit Goyal, Blu Smart is a dedicated cab booking platform to book electric cabs. The app interface is similar to any cab booking app you might be currently using. However, Blu Smart cabs come with certain perks, you get ample boot space to keep your luggage, no surge pricing, no cancellation, sanitised rides, and a move to change. Moreover, Blu smart cabs are all-electric vehicles, thus impacting a bare minimum on our city environment.

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Availability: Currently, Blu Smart electric cabs are available in the Gurugram region, IGI airport, and specific locations of Delhi.

Pricing: The cab pricing starts from Rs. 99 for 0-5 km within the city limit. In addition, you’ll also be charged for any additional pickup fee at the airport, toll plaza charges, or Delhi MCD tax. However, to simplify the rate of the electric cab booking app, we have made a list of all their pricing, with per/km charges as well.

KilometresMax per km charge (Rs.)Total fare (Rs.)

Download: Android, iOS



Evera is another startup where you can book an electric cab online. According to a report published by FinancialExpress, the new electric cab booking app platform is looking to revolutionise the sustainable mobility market of the country. Founded by Nimish Trivedi, the app looks promising. However, I have to add; it’s not up to the satisfaction mark. The startup came in 2019, and indeed the pandemic has hit the business; however, looking at their app experience, it is safe to assume it is not going anywhere as of now. They planned to put 5,000 EVs on the road when it was launched; however, it is nowhere to be found.

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In an article published by YourStory, the CEO Nimish Trivedi said they partnered with the Delhi government during the pandemic. To launch the JeEVan Seva app, to transport the covid-19 patient from home to hospitals; and for that, they utilised their application platform and interface.

Download: Android, iOS


eee - Taxi

Another Gurugram startup that aims to change the world of mobility. The eee-Taxi is not a consumed based electric cab booking app that we all can use. Instead, the company provides electric vehicle transportation facilities to corporate houses. Founded by Nishant Saini, eee-Taxi offers transportation facilities to various corporate houses, including SpiceJet, MakeMyTrip, Uber, Deloitte, Mahindra, etc. Though you can book a cab for yourself via their website, I’m a little sceptical here since, from a user perspective, this might not be the experience you would want.

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As advertised on their website, they don’t have any electric cab booking app; however, while providing employee transportation facilities, they have managed to cover 15 million km and have saved 1.25 million litres of petrol.

Click here to check out the website.

Moving on

Indeed, an electric vehicle is a go-to step to curb pollution. However, looking at the current fleet, it is safe to assume that the market leader in the electric vehicle cab booking app service is Blu Smart; even Ola, Uber, Meru Cab, Rapido have not adopted any electric model of cab service. However, according to TheHindu, the Delhi government will soon impose a new EV guideline on all kinds of delivery aggregators, including transportation. The move will force Ola, Uber, Meru etc., to change their entire car fleet to electric vehicles. However, we all should ask that even after we have gone 100 per cent electric by 2030, will it be a pollution-free city? I guess we all will see.

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